Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th December 2019 Written Update: Vikrant vows to destroy the family of Akshat

Episode begins with Vikrant is saying to the house people that now they have two choices. Either you all can leave with the family leaving Alisha in the home or else stay here with Alisha not as a member but as a caretaker of the house. guddan gets angry on Vikrant and she is about to hit him with had shoes but AJ stops her. AJ says to Vikrant that you are living in delusion, neither me 9 my family is going to live in the house and we will take Alisha along with us and now, I want to see what you can do. Hence I am going from here with my daughter do whatever you can. Vikrant says you will stay here and the obligations of being a father of a daughter will make you stay here. he says they should have arrived in the house by now and I don’t know why they are getting late and at that very moment a woman police inspector entered the Jindal House along with two lady constables. AJ asks them what they are doing in the house? The police officer answered there is a complaint against Alisha that she had missguided Vikrant and replaced his wife in the marriage venue and got married to him. Also she is involved in the activity of committing sexual abuses and violence with people. The crimes are very much sensitive and we have left with no option but to take action against this. Alisha says to Guddan and AJ that she is very scared of going to prison again. AJ tries to make the inspector understand but she is stubborn on her stand. Hence AJ asks her if there is any other option to save Alisha from this police case?

Inspector says there is only one way that is if Vikrant took back his complaint against her then she will get saved. I will personally suggest you to settle down the matter outside the court premises and Vikrant is supporting this advice of the inspector. AJ is not ready to bow down in front of Vikrant but before he can say anything guddan announced in front of all that they are ready to accept every kind of terms and conditions kept by Vikrant. Vikrant gets happy and safe to inspector that leave Alisha right now and I will come and take back my complaint officially tomorrow. Vikrant says to the house members now I am the boss of this house and you people are my servants hence you people have to do whatever I will say or ask for.

Vikrant says I am in a mood of revenge now and I will achieve my goal so you people to start your countdown of destruction. Vikrant comes in his room and promises to the picture of his wife that he will surely avenge the death of her and their children. AJ comes there and try to settle down and says you know very well that I will never try to harm your wife and your kid intentionally. Whatever happened is out of anybody’s control and it was a pure accident which can happen to anybody. Vikrant is not ready to pay attention to his words. He throws AJ out of his room and closes the door. Guddan decides to make him learn a lesson but ages talk her and says hi and guddan are the protector of Alisha right now. Hence, they shouldn’t do anything that can cause harm to themselves or else they will not be able to protect their daughter. Alisha is trying to go to the police station with a confession letter to save the family and guddan says to her that she doesn’t need to do such a big sacrifice as there are people to look after the crisis. Vikrant comes to taunt Alisha and Guddan and tries to drag Elisha from there without her wish. Guddan threatened him with a knife and Vikrant and she had a collision and he ends up stabbing Guddan in the belly.