Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 10th January 2020 Written Update: AJ breaks all kinds of ties with Guddan

Episode begins with Guddan is leading to AJ and the entire family that she is not involved in this mess. She continuously cries and requested everybody to believe in her that she didn’t ask the hospital staff or the doctor to do the abortion of her. The hospital staff says we don’t know why guddan is not accepting that she has approached us for aborting her child and now she is flipping from her words. We did everything as per the procedure and command of the mother.

AJ finally through the hands of Guddan and leaves the hospital ward. Guddan is trying to go behind him but she is too weak to chase him now and she faints due to overload of tension and stress. Lakshmi hold her and made her sleep on the bed and she says I know you can’t do anything like that and you’re not a such a person to even think of doing such a sin to anyone.

Antara is celebrating her victory and she is decorating her room with the pictures of guddan in hospital. She says to Saraswati that I am going to stay in this room permanently that is why it is necessary for me to give this room a touch of Antara. Basically these pictures shows how vulnerable and helpless Guddan is right now, this is giving me immense happiness. She says to Saraswati that you have to do another work for me and Saraswati says I will do anything whatever you will ask for, just order me.

Dadi is crying continuously and share says that I have lost the last day of hope to see the face of my next generation for which I have waited for years.

Lakshmi comes there and says that we are here all of us but guddan is alone in the hospital and she is not well. Whatever happened but she is still a member of this house, a part of this family and we shouldn’t leave her like that in this tough time. Dadi says that Lakshmi is right and they are talking about guddan when Saraswati comes there and tries to brainwash them against Guddan by showing some false proof made by Antara.

AJ is in his room and she is heartbroken to listen that is child is no more so he is talking to the doll he brought with the perambulator. Guddan comes there and tries to talk to AJ but he says that he doesn’t want to talk to her as there is nothing left to discuss.

Guddan says that all the proofs are false and I am not saying anything lie. I didn’t ask anybody to about my kid why will I do so when I love my child so much. She says to AJ that you know no I will kill myself instead of even thinking to kill my own child. AJ blames Guddan that just to satisfy your ego and to hurt me you killed our child our upcoming child who was not even born in this world.

Guddan repeated her words again and again and sleep too easy to believe her that she is not involved in this case in any way. She says do not punish me for a crime which I didn’t commit. AJ says to Guddan that whatever you have done, after that it is not possible for me to stay with you under the same roof and I am cutting of all kinds ties with you.

From now onwards till the last breath of my life I will hate you with all my being. The love I have in my heart for you who transformed into hatred and it is going to stay like this forever.