Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th December 2019 written update: Durga makes re entry in the Jindal house

Episode begins with Alisha is asking Guddan to wake up as she is unconscious. She calls AJ and the entire family there. AJ comes there and tries to wake up Guddan but she is not responding. Vikrant runs out of the house thinking he has murdered Guddan with his own hands now no one can save him from getting hanged. He decides to run away from the house as far as he can and will never come back again. He is trying to put the key in the lock of the car but someone comes in front of him and he gets curious.
inside everyone is worried about Guddan well being Akshat ask someone to call the ambulance for Guddan. AJ says I can’t live without you please wake up and talk to me.

Suddenly Guddan opened her eyes and stand up on her legs. She said I am completely fine and nothing happened to me. She says it was all her plan to make Vikrant go away from this house as he will think that he killed Guddan. AJ says to her it was not funny what you did? Guddan says we have to do something in a way to make him go away from this house and that is why I have come up with this idea. she was explaining her idea to the family members when someone clapped from behind. Everyone turns around and it was revealed to be Vikrant who is back in the house. He says that I should appreciate your idea and acting, it was very convincing and realistic. I actually escaped from the house and made a mind not to come back here again. However I got one well wisher of mine in the way. He calls inside the well wisher and everyone looks with curiosity at the door.

To everyone’s shock it is none other than Durga the elder daughter-in-law of the house, is the well wisher of Vikrant. Vikrant is watching the drama and smiling in his mind as the dispute in between the family members come already.

Durga says that when you people send me to jail when I was pregnant that time you didn’t care about family and emotions. Hence, now even I don’t consider myself as a daughter-in-law of this house neither I consider you all as my family. Guddan says you are going to be partner of Vikrant, the same person who backstabbed us and played with our emotions. Durga says which one of us is negative here but none of them got in such a punishment like me. Even the husband of Durga supported her and says none of you helped us back when we begged so what is the point of talking about family and emotions now. Guddan and Durga had a verbal argument even AJ tries to make her understand that whatever happened was completely her fault and that is why she went to jail. Vikrant says that now both of your enemies will fight together against you. At night, Guddan tries to make Akshat understand that this bad time will pass as well, we just need to be focused and together.