Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th January 2021 Written Update: Choti Guddan withdraws the case against Pushpa

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Choti saying Agastya is so sad and Pushpa is also tolerating so much pain in jail. What will people say that I destroyed everything. Choti says what will you receive after doing all these? I can’t see this anymore. I am not in a mood to do anything. I stopped cooking. Every time one thing is bothering me that is my family is ruined. Just stop all this. Badi Guddan says try to understand. Every criminal has a family, that doesn’t mean we’ll start forgiving them and we won’t punish them.

Pushpa is not thinking the same what you are thinking. Laws are made only to punish the criminals. We are not doing anything wrong to her but we are stopping her from doing something wrong. Pushpa has done so many wrong things to you. We could have lost you. Pushpa can harm your child as well. Why are you not getting it? When I was your age I did the same and I suffered a lot. I lost my husband. Pushpa has to realise what she has done. Agastya took the right decision. Badi Guddan says Choti should support Agastya and she shouldn’t be his weakness. Choti says you fulfilled your duty, Agastya has done it as well now I will do whatever I feel is right.

Badi Guddan says thanks to god and prays for Choti’s happiness. She calls everyone to participate in the Puja. Badi Guddan looks for Choti but she is not there. After the aarti is finished, Pushpa and Nia enter the house. Everyone get shocked. Badi Guddan shouts at Pushpa, and asks who realeased you all? Shona tells her husband that she hasn’t done so many crimes so police didn’t torture her that much. Badi asks tell me the truth.

Choti says I get them released from jail. Badi gets angry on Choti. She says I tried my level best to make you understand this simple thing. Agastya too understood but why are you not understanding? Have you asked me before doing something like this? She says Pushpa that don’t you have shame? If you are ashamed of what you did then you should be guilty. Choti says I just want all of our happiness. That can happen only if we all are together. She says I closed the case file. Guddan says have you gone mad? She says just stop showing crocodile tears Pushpa! You can’t manipulate my daughter like this.

Agastya takes Pushpa with him. Badi Guddan says I want to talk to my daughter privately. She tells others members to leave. Badi Guddan says do you have any idea who Pushpa Birla is? She can never be a changed person. Choti says look at her face, you will feel her pain. Badi Guddan says if people can be a changed person so easily then there should be no law or punishment is not needed. Badi says you’ll understand very soon that you are wrong. She leaves. Choti says I just wanted everyone to be present in the house in new year.

Agastya says Pushpa what have you said to Choti? That she gets you released from jail? I know what you want. I will never tolerate if you try to harm my child or Choti? Choti is too innocent and I wont let you do anything to her. Pushpa tries to say something but Agastya warns her.

Episode ends.

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