Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th July 2020 Written Update: Saraswati accuses Ganga of planning against AJ and Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan warning the kidnapper, but the latter asks her not to say anything otherwise he will kill Akshat. Everybody gets worried and asks him not to do anything to Akshat. Lakshmi asks why he is doing this. The kidnapper replies that he will call them later and let them know and adds that police is busy and if they call them, by the time they will reach, Akshat will be died. He cuts the video call.

Durga wonders how the kidnapper entered in the house without making any noise. Saraswati says that the lockdown is going on, so kidnappers have all the time in the world. Lakshmi asks her to shut up and aks Guddan what they shall do and if they should call the police. Guddan says that they can’t put Akshat’s life in danger so they should keep the thing between themselves only. Saraswati smirks thinking that now Guddan and Akshat’s relation will break.

Guddan is extremely worried about Akshat and wonders what the kidnapper wants. She is frustrated since she isn’t getting any call too. Just then her phone rings. It’s the kidnapper. Saraswati is in the call too. Guddan asks the kidnapper what he wants. The kidnapper replies that he wants money. Akshat asks Guddan not to give him anything but the kidnapper threatens to shoot him. Guddan asks how much money he wants. The kidnapper asks for 10 crores directly into his account. Saraswati smirks. Guddan asks if he will leave Akshat as soon as he gets the money. The kidnapper assures that he will but adds that police should not be involved otherwise she will become widow. Guddan says that she will send him money but nothing shall happen to Akshat. They cut the call. Guddan wonders how she will transfer 10 crores.

Saraswati compliments his recruit for the great job he and his partner has done. The recruit replies that he can do with Guddan what he has done with Akshat too but Saraswati says that he should just keep an eye on him and tells him what to do next.

Guddan informs Ganga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga that the kidnapper demanded 10 crores. Everybody is shocked. Durga says that it’s a big amount. Saraswati says that it’s nothing in front of Akshat’s life so she should transfer the money. Ganga gets suspicious. Guddan says that she has no other option since she cannot do anything else from so far. Ganga asks her not to worry. Durga asks Guddan if she is sure that she wants to give so much money. Guddan says that she has decided that she will do that. Saraswati agrees that she should transfer the money. Ganga looks at her suspicious.

Saraswati dances happily thinking about 10 crores that she will be getting. She is proud of her plan. Just then she gets Ganga’s call. Ganga warns her not to lie otherwise she will slap her. Saraswati asks her what she did. Ganga accuses her of Akshat’s kidnapping. Saraswati denies that but Ganga warns her and says that she should back off until there is time if she is behind all this. She cuts the call. Saraswati says that nothing wrong will happen.

Guddan video calls the kidnapper and asks to let her talk with Akshat but he asks for the money. She says that she has transferred the money. The kidnapper checks and sees that he has got 10 rupees only. He asks Guddan if she is doing comedy. Guddan replies that he was continuously asking to send “10” and so she did. The kidnapper specifies that he asked 10 crores. Guddan says that she heard “10” only since she was shocked. The kidnapper asks her to send the rest of the amount. Guddan replies that he knows that it’s possible to transfer only once a day from the bank and asks her to forgive her for the mistake since she tried. She promises to transfer the rest of the amount the next day. The kidnapper says that the money must be transferred by tomorrow morning otherwise he will cut Akshat into pieces and parcel to her house.

Guddan is worried and seeks help from Mata Rani. She asks for a clue. She hopes for Akshat’s rope to get broken.

Akshat’s phone rings. The kidnapper asks who is calling. Akshat requests him to let him talk with his wife. The kidnapper accepts and picks up the video call. Guddan asks him to let her talk with Akshat. The kidnapper shows Akshat to her. Akshat and Guddan have an emotional conversation. He asks her if she has taken medicine. She asks him not to worry about her. Guddan asks the kidnapper to give Akshat his medicine since he suffers of epilepsy. She is just lying but Akshat understands and starts acting like he had an epilepsy attack. Guddan asks the kidnapper to open Akshat’s rope. The kidnapper does that and Akshat starts beating him as soon as he gets free. Akshat asks the kidnapper who sent him. However, the kidnapper fights back and hits Akshat with a dumbbell.

Saraswati’s recruit informs her that Akshat tried escaping. She asks him to warn Guddan and ask her to stop acting over smart otherwise she will regret.

On the other hand, Guddan prays to Lord Krrishna asking to help. Someone enters in the house and Guddan feels his presence. However, the person escapes. Guddan finds a chit on the floor.

Saraswati dances thinking about her 10 crores. She gets Guddan’s call and wonders if she has understood that it’s her plan. She picks up the call and Guddan tells her that her society’s people have caught the man and she knows that she is behind all this planning. Saraswati pretends to be innocent. Guddan tells her that she has proof and reveals that the man had a chit with her number. She scolds Saraswati who denies doing anything. Guddan says that she has to answer her otherwise she has no idea what she can do. Saraswati lies that Ganga made her do all this. She says that Ganga is the mastermind of the plan.

Guddan decides to add Ganga in the call. Saraswati gets scared. Ganga picks the call and asks what happened and if Akshat is fine. Guddan tells her that Saraswati accused her of planning whatever is happening with her and Akshat. Ganga says that Saraswati said the truth only. Guddan and Saraswati are shocked.