Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 11th March 2020 Written Update: Jindal family celebrate holi

Today’s episode begins , in the morning Saraswati mixes the glass powder in color, so that when AJ dyes Guddan, it will destroy her face.  Meanwhile AJ arrives and Saraswati hides from him.  AJ grabs the color plates to which Saraswati mixed the glass powder, and he feels that today he will put all the colors of Holi on Guddan.  And leaves from there.

Later Saraswati arrives and feels happy as her evil plan is about to succeed. Here AJ is going to paint on Guddan while Saraswati is watching them from behind but Durga comes and drops the plates from AJ’s  hands as it is her and Guddan’s plans to save her. Gudden laughed at him and said, “Today you will lose the challenge because today I will not give you a chance to paint on me.”AJ says that you should not worry even if Durga and Lakshmi help you but still no one can save you from me.

Gudden says, okay will see.  Then both of them left.  While Durga asks Lakshmi to come with her as she cannot find Aarav and they too leave from there.  Here Saraswati comes and thinks, this Durga will spoil my plan and suddenly Durga comes and asks her what happened.  What are you looking at.  Saraswati says nothing, I am just thinking about whether .  Today’s weather is very beautiful, right.  Durga said, yes you are right, come let’s play Holi.  I really want to play Holi with you, you stay here I put some color on you.  Durga wants to take  the glass powder mixed color but Saraswati stops her and says, it is dirty with dust, we go outside, and then we will play Holi.

The Guddan and Jindal families here are strongly influenced by the Holi Function Decoration.  Guddan thank AJ because she feels that he has done all this for her.  But AJ tells her that I didn’t do it.  Gudden says, AJ I know you want to give me this surprise, now don’t hide it from me, okay.  These things you prepaid for me, our my personal favorites and only you are aware of this.  But AJ continues to deny it. Later a man arrives and tells Guddan that this surprise is from your fan.  While AJ has a strange feeling about how a fan can learn about Gudden’s personal favorite things.

Gudden’s parents come here.  AJ and Guddan welcome him.  While Saraswati got a new plan and wants  to throw a balloon on Gudden’s face which also contain water and glass particles.  Just when she wants to throw a balloon on Guddan’s face, AJ arrives and announces that our favorite superstar Guddan is going to dance for us. AJ and Guddan perform a dance on Holi.  Later, a special admirer of Guddan arrives and introduces himself as Ganga Jindal and the first daughter-in-law  of the Jindal family.