Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th August 2020 Written Update: Ganga to punish Akshat for cheating in her game

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga saying that Choti will get milk only after Guddan will win the next challenge and is about to turn off the screen but Guddan grabs her arm and says that no screen will get switched off until Choti is hungry and threatens to destroy everything, including her goons, if Choti doesn’t get milk right now. Ganga gets scared and asks her goon to call the man with Choti. Guddan asks to keep the phone on speaker. Ganga orders her man to give milk to Choti after sanitizing hands as safety is a must. The man gives milk to Choti and family smiles. Ganga turns off the screen.

Ganga tells Guddan that for a moment she felt like a Mata has come into her but she is still the winner for now. Guddan says that it was just a trailer otherwise she hasn’t seen a mother’s anger yet. She asks what the next challenge is. Ganga says that after her crying and shouting drama, now she will tell the next challenge in a filmy style as well.

Ganga stands in front of an item covered with red cloth and sings that the target shouldn’t get missed. A goon uncovers the item and Ganga explains that there are eight chits under the eight balls, some has punishment and some has gift. She says that Guddan has to hit the ball with a gun like Arjun and if the chit she gets will be gift then Choti will keep getting milk every three hours otherwise she will get nothing. Saraswati asks what if no ball is hit. Ganga replies that Choti will get nothing in that case too. She adds that Guddan will have three chances only and, even if she can’t keep the baby hungry for long, she can do lots of things with her.

Avinash begs Ganga to stop this craziness since Choti is just a baby but Ganga refuses saying that she wouldn’t have started the game if she was willing to stop and calls him betrayer.

Ganga hands over the gun to Guddan and asks her to start. Guddan looks at balls and recalls Choti crying. Akshat nods at her and asks her to take a deep breath. Guddan shoots but no ball gets hit. Ganga asks her to aim carefully otherwise Choti will get nothing in her fate. Akshat asks Guddan not to worry. Ganga asks to try again as she has two chances left. Guddan shoots and misses the target again. Everybody, except Saraswati who smirks, gets shocked. Ganga taunts her and says that she has a last time to try. Akshat encourages Guddan saying that she can do it. Guddan tries again shutting her eyes and recalling Choti’s happy face and Ganga’s words. She prays to Lord Krishna to help her and finally shoots  hitting a red ball. Everybody gets happy. Ganga glares at her.

Ganga asks Guddan not to celebrate her victory yet and check if the chit contains a gift for Choti or another betrayal from her side. She grabs the chit and reads it but gets shocked. Guddan snatches it from her hands and smiles reading that Choti will be getting a gift. Guddan says that she won this challenge too and this means she is closer to her baby.

Ganga wonders how it is possible and checks every chit finding “gift” in it. She falls on the floor holding her head and wonders how this could happen as she had written “punishment” in every chit herself. Akshat kneels near her and asks if she is alright or they should get her swab done as she has been meeting lots of people while planning to destroy her so she might have got Corona.

Ganga gets up and blames them all for exchanging chits since she had written “punishment” in every chit. She asks her goon to call the man with Choti ordering him to snatch the chit from Choti immediately and not give her anything until she doesn’t say that. Guddan and Akshat oppose to her but she says that she will not give any drop of milk to Choti until who has cheated doesn’t come ahead. Lakshmi speaks up too and Ganga grabs her ears pulling them and blaming her for exchanging chits but Akshat intervenes and shouts at Ganga revealing that he did it. Ganga glares at him and says that he will get punished. She orders her goons to take Akshat down.

Guddan comes in between and bashes Ganga saying that even her husband is standing with his family against her while she is using these goons as shield. Ganga is about to hit her but Akshat comes in between showing a finger. Ganga reminds that Choti’s life is in her hands and says that he will get punished. She goes upstairs followed by her goons.

Akshat apologizes to Guddan but she says that Choti is bearing more pain than them. Just then Ganga comes and says that their daughter’s father will bear more pain now. Everyone gets shocked seeing her holding a whip. Durga says that she cannot do it. Ganga says that she has to break his back otherwise everyone will get on the bath of betrayal. Guddan says that she cannot do this. Ganga asks her to stop saying the same thing again and again. Guddan says that she isn’t stopping her but wants to punish Akshat herself. Ganga asks how she can believe her. Guddan replies that she loves Choti more than Akshat. She hands over the whip to Guddan who looks at Askhat. Ganga is very excited to see Guddan beating Akshat.

Episode ends