Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th December 2019 written update: Vikrant and Durga’s malicious scheme against Jindal family

Episode begins with AJ says to Guddan if we are together then as a team we can overcome any obstacle that comes in our way. Guddan smiles a little bit seeing him and says we will surpass this together as well. Vikrant comes there and claps for both of them and says amidst all those problems you people always find time for romance. Guddan and AJ looks at him with anger. Vikrant says before you pounce on me for coming to your room at this time then let me tell you you are no more the owner of this house hence you are not eligible to stay in this room. You will stay just like a servant of the house stays. He asks Guddan and AJ to come down and they saw that all the family members are arranging bed on the floor of the hall. AJ asks his mom not to bother herself as he and Guddan will manage. Vikrant says I feel so happy to see you living a life of a servant and it’s my wise thinking which made me think about you people or else I could make these arrangements at the garden too but as per the ritual of this house I did make the arrangements where the old servants of this house stay.

The people of Jindal family arranges the bed on the floor and Alisha says I want to sleep with Guddan ma and AJ as it will give me a peaceful sleep. She sleeps between Guddan and AJ and says I am not even missing my room today as I think today I am going to have a beautiful sleep. All of them slept for the night but Guddan couldn’t sleep and thinks that I have to find out a way to stop Guddan.

At night Vikram comes to AJ and says I will make you alone and no one will be there to take care of you. Guddan listened to all the taunts of Vikrant and decides to teach him a lesson the next morning. Next morning Vikrant wakes up to a smoke filled room. He feels suffocated and asks to stop spreading the smoke in the room. He starts to cough a lot and begs for water from AJ. Guddan what you told my husband last night? I can see the exact opposite thing is happening here. Vikrant says that I am taking revenge for a valid reason, it is you people who are doing wrong. Guddan says that is completely your wrong point of view.

Vikrant gets angry Durga comes to him and says that you have to make them understand and feel like they are the servants. Later the day, Durga gives them costumes for servants and says you have to dress like servants and prepares for the evening party. Vikrant says I will make your joke in front of all people. Guddan decides to make him learn a stern lesson in the party.