Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th March 2020 Written Update: AJ’s elder brother come back to Jindal family.

Today’s episode begins with Saraswati who wants to throw the balloon at Guddon as she  wants to destroy her face but AJ grabs the balloon from  her hand and about to throw it at Guddan, but Aarav takes that balloon and runs away.  Saraswati runs after him and asks him to give her back to Balloon.  Aarav threw the balloon in the air while Saraswati has grabbed the balloon and later threw it at Guddan, but  that balloon hits Saraswati’s face.  She panics, as she feels that now her  face has been destroyed by glass particles, she runs away screaming.

Everyone asks her what happened to you, Saraswati says, I have blood on my face, my face is distorted.  Durga tells him, don’t shout nothing happened to your face.  Saraswati later realizes that her face is perfectly fine, then she thinks of her balloon which contains glass particles.

Here Gudan’s fans come in a special way and everyone is surprised by her,  she describes herself as Gudan’s biggest fan and also tells her that I am your sister-in-law Ganga Jindal.  Vedanta says, what are you talking about, my mother is already dead, how can you become the first daughter-in-law of Jindal family.  Ganga tells him that I am not your mother with blood but your father married me.

I think you guys don’t believingin me.  Wait, I’ll call my husband.  She asks  her husband to come out.  But he does not come out, Ganga says, everyone is waiting for you to come and tells the Jindal family that maybe he is feeling little bit shy. And Ganga forces him to come out and asks him to meet your family members, they are waiting for you.  Here AJ’s elder brother comes and everyone gets shocked to see him. Everyone recalls their moments with AJ’s elder brother.

Ganga asks him  to seek blessings from hisc mother, but Mrs. Jindal refuses him, then Ganga asks Gudden to do something as the mother-in-law is still very upset with his son.  Gudden is shocked because she has no idea what is happening here.Ganga says until Guddan thinks something, you meet your brother. AJ’s older brother wants to hug him but AJ tells him not to do it because he still hasn’t forgiven him.  Vedanta and his brother also refuse to meet him.

Later Ganga asks him  to put color on his mother while Mrs Jindal asks everyone to leave  as she does not want to play Holi with him as she is very upset with him.  Everyone leaves fromthere while Ganga continues to force her husband as she now wants to be with her superstar.