Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th January 2020 Written Update: AJ announces his marriage with Antara within next 24 hours

Episode begins with Guddan and Akshat are crying for their kids and remembering the recent happenings in their life. Guddan is saying to the doll kid that you know right I didn’t kill you or hurt you. You are with me from long and you should know a mother can never kill their own kid ever. Antara comes there and taunts Guddan, you don’t have the guts to do all these only I can do this.

Antara says whatever happened was done by me. She says that performing the last rites of a dead person is really needed. She burns the doll Guddan is holding close to her and left from there and Guddan starts to cry in the memories of the doll she had with AJ. Guddan is descending the stairs being clueless and is remembering the words of Antara. Guddan noticed the trishul kept in the temple and she takes it in her hand.

Guddan is going towards Antara and says you killed my kid, I will not leave you today. She is about to hit her when Akshat holds the hand of Guddan. Guddan says this lady killed my kid and I will also take her life away. AJ says you have no right to kill Antara, Guddan says I do have rights as a wife, mother and daughter-in-law of this house. AJ says you lost the right to be a mother the moment you went to hospital for abortion. AJ blames Guddan and says you lost all the rights you have as a wife and a daughter-in-law.

AJ says your one step made me indifferent towards any relationship I have with you and I am freeing you today from all bondings. AJ says you always think you are intelligent but all the time think the other person as stupid is wrong. AJ says I am handing over all the rights and places of your to Antara. Guddan says you can not stay with the murderer of our child, AJ says right! That is why I can not stay with you. AJ says I will get married to Antara within the next 24 hours and that too in front of your eyes.

Durga and Laxmi are discussing about Guddan when Saraswati says to them I brought sweets for you both to celebrate the happiness. Guddan is sitting alone at the poolside and AJ is remembering the moment of the hospital. Guddan says you promised me many big things but when it was your time to stand by me, then you couldn’t.

Aj says it is true you always stand by me and my family in every thick and thin. Now it is again you who broke my trust and snatched the best gift of God and mankind from me. I will never be able to forgive you for this sin. Both of them starts to cry in two different corners of the house and is feeling sad.