Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th January 2021 Written Update: Choti Guddan finds Nia and Agastya together in a room.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts Rashi thinking to solve math problem. Choti comes downstairs and she attends back to back phone calls. Rashi asks for help from Choti. Choti agrees but she gets another call and she leaves for work. Agastya comes there and he agrees to help her. He says Choti received a huge order that’s why she went. But I will solve all your problem so that you get highest marks. Pushpa and Nia notice them from the corner and they show their true colors. Pushpa says to Nia that their first plan was appropriate when Nia tied the fabric and Pushpa saved Choti according to their plan. Nia says I feel bad for Choti, she is so foolish.

Pushpa says because of Choti’s stupidity only we get scope to fool everyone. Now the next step that we are going to take should be exceptional. Choti will be busy for the restaurant work and Agastya will be lonely in this house. It would be very easy to make him realise that being gharjamai is really shameful. When wife goes for work and husband stays at home anything can happen. Nia praises Pushpa and says from where did you get such intelligence? Pushpa says its called experience which you dont have. But I need your help as well. Nia says I will come closer to Agastya. In order to take revenge from guddan she says I can do anything.

Agastya Rashi try to bake cake. Choti sees everything through video call. Rashi tells Agastya to add more choco powder, Choti supports Rashi. Agastya says you take her side but the other one is coming, we’ll make a team. Choti cuts the call. Arav comes to Agastya. He says plumber hasn’t come yet, can you fix it? He says we are busy I thought you can do it as you are free right now.

Agastya agrees. After that Shona also comes and gives Agastya a list of some stuffs. She says everyone is busy right now. Since Agastya has no work that’s why she thought he will buy all the stuff. Agastya gets hurt but agrees. Nia takes advantage of it and comes to Agastya. She says I can’t help it so I came. Everyone is treating you as servant when you have your own software company. You have so much money. Then why are you doing a job of a plumber. She says nobody has asked for lunch to Agastya.

Pushpa too enters and says I brought lunch for my son. She tries to feed Agastya but Agastya says I am not hungry. Pushpa tries to instigate him saying that everybody treats a gharjamai this way only. You can’t ignore this fact that the members of this house don’t respect you like before. Not because you don’t deserve but they have taken one step further.

Agastya says I understood that you will never change. I can sense that you are trying to separate me and Choti. But I won’t let you do that. If I have to do all the work of this house I don’t have any problem with that. You please stay quiet and please leave after makarsankranti. Agastya leaves and Pushpa gets angry and she breaks the plate. She says I have to do something big to control Agastya.

At night Agastya enters his room at drunken state. he recalls the things Pushpa and Nia said to him. He sees Choti is sleeping. He doesn’t disturb her. He hugs her and says you are my world guddan. I feel safe when I am with you. Next day Choti knocks at the door. Agastya opens it and gets shocked seeing Choti is standing outside. Choti says I fell asleep in Mom’s room yesterday night. She enters and Nia wakes up. Nia starts her drama and says oh god what happened to me? She covers herself with the duvet. Choti too gets stunned and asks what is all this happening Agastya? Agastya remains silent.

Episode ends.

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