Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th July 2020 Written Update: Ganga wants to take revenge from Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan telling Ganga that Saraswati accused her of being behind all the planning against her and Akshat. She asks Ganga if Saraswati is saying the truth. Ganga replies that it’s all her planning. Guddan gets shocked. Saraswati smirks. Ganga asks Guddan why she is so shocked. She reminds Guddan about the party that had happened before the lockdown where she had organized the biggest fan competition and had also punished Saraswati when she plotted against her. She takes them into a flashback moment about which only the three of them know.

Saraswati is tied to a cross and even her mouth is covered with a piece of cloth. Ganga shouts at Saraswati and takes out a screwdriver, the same with which Saraswati wanted to stab Guddan. Ganga threatens Saraswati with it and scolds her for trying to harm Guddan. She says that she is Guddan’s bodyguard and now she is going to teach her a lesson. Guddan is seen searching for Saraswati. Ganga hurts Saraswati who screams for pain.

Guddan enters in the storeroom and gets shocked seeing what was going on. Ganga takes her to Saraswati who is tied to the cross and whose hand is bleeding. Ganga says that Saraswati wanted to make her sit on a sofa which was filled with nails so she caught her and tied her there to punish her. Guddan slaps Ganga hard and asks how she dared torturing her daughter-in-law like this. She bashes Ganga and frees Saraswati. Ganga glares at her angrily. Saraswati cries.

Guddan shouts at Ganga saying that she has always neglected her childish behaviour thinking that she is just crazy behind her and her movies but what she has done now is the result of a worsened mental condition. Durga comes there and rushes to Saraswati asking what happened. Guddan says that she has been noticing her different behaviour since the day she has entered in the house, especially towards Saraswati, but she has to understand that she has to be in her limits and not interfere into her matters. She thanks her for being her fan, but she shall not harm her family otherwise she won’t spare her. She adds that she knows very well how to get her out of control behaviour into her control. She bashes Ganga a lot affirming that she won’t forgive any pain given to her daughters-in-love. Durga takes Saraswati away. Guddan threatens Ganga.

Reminding that episode to Guddan, Ganga says that she slapped and insulted her in exchange of all her love, time and money she spent on her. She says that she broke the fan in her and asks for her right since she is the elder daughter-in-law of the Jindal family. She says that she will snatch it now. Guddan threatens to destroy her if she doesn’t leave Akshat. Ganga cuts her call.

Saraswati asks Ganga why she took the blame for what she did. Ganga says that she is expecting something in return in future. She explains that she suspected her since long and if she had told her the truth, she would have supported her plan too but then she put all the blame on her. She says that she will take help from her one day for sure. Saraswati swears that she will always be with her. Ganga asks her to ask his man to leave Akshat since now everything has been disclosed so they shall attack openly. Saraswati agrees and cuts the call. Ganga says that now she will avenge that slap. Saraswati says that she will never support Guddan since she always ruined her plans.

Akshat video-calls Guddan and asks her why she is looking sad. Guddan says that she is sad because of the situation and asks her how the kidnapper left him. Akshat tells her that the kidnapper got a call after which he freed him, pushed him and left. He asks Guddan if she is hiding something from him. Guddan thinks that she cannot tell him about Ganga since he is far so she should tell him what happened only once they will be together. Akshat says that they have to find out who is behind all this. Guddan asks him not worry since now it’s normal. Akshat adds that it’s normal like before. Guddan says that it will be like before only after they will be together. Akshat asks him not to worry as he will think something. Guddan says that she isn’t able to bear this lockdown and the pregnancy without him. Akshat calms her down and asks her to take rest. He is able to make her laugh and they cut the call.

The next morning Guddan tries calling Akshat but he doesn’t pick up her call so she calls Durga. Guddan asks Durga if she talked with Akshat. Durga says that he isn’t picking up her calls since morning. She says that she will try again and as soon as he picks up the call, she will inform her.

The doorbell rings and Guddan goes to open the door. She gets happily surprised to see Akshat there. Akshat says that he is there to take her and their baby back home. Guddan smiles and the two hug each other.

Episode ends