Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th March 2020 Written Update: Avinash apologies to his family but they don’t want to accept him.

Today’s episode starts with AJ and his family being extremely sad while Gudden asks AJ to bring his brother into the house as he is standing near the door and it doesn’t look good,  please forget everything  And forgive him.  I believe that Keshav and Vedanta would also like to meet their father.  She also asks Mrs. Jindal to forgive her son.  But not everyone agrees, Keshav says, he does not deserve our love.

AJ tells  Guddan that you stay away from this metter as you are not fully aware.  Guddan says, I know I don’t know the whole story but at least we try to forgive him.  Mrs. Jindal says, I cannot forgive him because he is not worth it.  Gudden then asks her why Manji, then Mrs. Jindal tells her that when my elder daughter-in-law died, he was not with his  children.  Because at that time he was intoxicated with gambling.  I was waiting for him all night but he did not bother to come.  We lost everything we had because of him, so I can’t forgive him.

AJ’s brother hears everything, he asks his wife, you have brought me here to hear all these things.  Ganga says that you apologize to your family and everything will be alright.  But no one wants to listen to his  explanation and went from there.  And he tells Ganga, let’s go from here.  Ganga ask him what is your problem, don’t do anything till I say something, you  go after them and apologize to them because you are suffering because of your sins, so you have to do something. Later Ganga gets astonished by Gudden’s house, she says, your house is like yours, super hit.

Avinash comes to Mrs. Jindal, he asks her to forgive him, he tells her that we cannot forgive your sins Avinash. Avinash says mother I have changed now please give me a chance. I miss you so much and want to hug my brother too. On the other side Keshav and Vedanta come and say, you left us alone, so what was the need to come back now because now we do not need. We are spending our life without you happily , so it is better that you go from here.

On the other hand Ganga starts crying Gudan consoles her and says don’t worry but she suddenly asks Guddan to take a selfie. Guddon finds it strange. Here Durga tells Lakshmi that she only cares for Guddan, Here when Avinash apologies to Vedant and want to hug him. Vedant says, don’t touch me and he pushes his father. AJ come and slap Vedant for his misbehaviour. Later he tells Avinash to leave from Jindal’s house as we are not welcoming you.

Episode ends with Avinash tells Ganga that we cannot stay here let’s go while Ganga starts crying and asks Guddan to help her.