Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th August 2020 Written Update: Akshat manages to get Choti Guddan’s location

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi and Durga trying to get a way to stop goon from going to Ganga’s room where Avinash is trying to call a number he found in Ganga’s phone thinking that it might be the one of the goon who is with Choti. Before the goon could enter in the room, Avinash comes in front of him and stops him saying that this is his and Ganga’s room and he has no right to enter without permission otherwise he will report to Ganga. He manages to convince the goon to leave. Avinash hopes Ganga doesn’t come to know about all this.

On the other hand, Guddan is still pretending to whip Akshat and Ganga is looking at them from outside. She can only see Guddan and Akshat’s puppet’s shadow. She wonders why Akshat is not moving much. Guddan hopes for Akshat to come soon. Ganga gets suspicious and gets up thinking to go to check.

Ganga is about to open the door but just then Durga and Lakshmi come and stop her. She asks how dare they stopping her. Lakshmi and Durga suddenly kneel down holding her legs and try to distract her. They ask her to give them a whip too so that they can teach a lesson to their respective husbands too. Guddan hears their voices and wishes for Akshat to come back to the room soon. Akshat is trying to get the location of that number. Lakshmi and Durga keep begging Ganga to give them a whip but she gets frustrated and asks them to shut up otherwise, if she hears another word, she will cut Choti in small pieces and give them to dogs.

Ganga asks Guddan to open the door before her suspect turns into reality. Guddan cries. Akshat manages to get the location. Ganga warns Guddan that she will break the door and get into the room if she doesn’t open it at her three. Guddan is desperate and doesn’t know what to do. Ganga counts till three and then got a running start towards the door. She breaks into the room but falls on the ground.

The whole family gathers in Akshat and Guddan’s room. The latter shuts her eyes afraid. Ganga gets up and smiles seeing Akshat there. Guddan opens her eyes and is surprised. Ganga says that she thought Guddan won’t sacrifice her husband for her enmity but her love for her daughter made her beat Akshat too so she was wrong. Guddan cracks the whip on Akshat’s back once to convince Ganga who smiles seeing it. Guddan is about to whip Akshat again but Ganga stops her. She tells Avinash to see that there are also such wives while she left him easily. Avinash says that if she hadn’t left him then he would have not let her do all this. Ganga glares at him and then orders Durga, Saraswati and Lakshmi to leave and get a Mumbai style tea and toasts for her since she got tired. The three leave followed by Avinash. Ganga tells Guddan and Akshat that the whipping is done and from tonight Janmashtmi will start and if they are lucky they might get Choti. She walks away.

Once Guddan and Akshat are left alone, Guddan apologizes to Akshat for hitting him but she had to do it in front of Ganga. Akshat says that nothing is more important than her and Choti who have become his life. They hug and Akshat calms her down saying that he is fine. Guddan says that he is an ideal husband. She also adds that she cannot stay away from Choti anymore. Akshat tells her that he got to know Choti’s location so she will be soon playing in their laps. Guddan gets happy and thanks Lord Krishna. Akshat tells Guddan that they should hurry up and get Choti.

On the other hand, two men are with Choti and teasing her having parantha in front of her. She cries. Just then someone knocks at door. The two go to open the door and they are again the two pandits who are there to invite them for Janmashtmi pooja which will take place at night. Pandits notice Choti and asks whose baby she is. One of the man starts doing drama and says that he married his love eloping and they had this baby but then his wife died. Pandits leave getting convinced. The men are about to go back to have parantha but they notice that butter isn’t there anymore. They starts blaming each other and fighting while Choti is eating butter.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi notices that Durga is upset and asks why she is looking so sad. Durga says that she is afraid that Choti might not come and Lakshmi comforts her saying that Krishna is with them too. Ganga comes and asks them to wipe their tears and celebrate her victory instead. Guddan and Akshat come and she ask them not to cry as Choti will be with them on Janmashtmi. Ganga says that so much confidence is not good as she hasn’t even heard what the next challenge is. Guddan replies that her motherly love is stronger than her hatred. Ganga says that they won’t be able to go out without completing the challenge and get Choti. Akshat says that they don’t need her permission to go out of their house. Ganga says that they do as she has sealed the house and indicates a padlock locking the main door. She says that the only option left for them is winning the game.

Episode ends