Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th July 2020 Written Update: Guddan and Akshat reunite with family

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guddan reminding the audience how Ganga became psycho after her and, during a party, she even tried to harm Saraswati who was rescued by Guddan. During the lockdown, Ganga kept plotting against Guddan who is now pregnant.

Guddan enters in the Jindal Mansion wearing mask and gloves. She removes the mask looking around and shouts that she is back. Akshat comes too. They are welcomed by the whole family. Dadi asks Durga to sanitize her hands and then tell Guddan how much she missed her. Guddan says that she had to stay away as per government orders but now she is back so they should not be sad anymore.

Akshat says that Guddan is not alone now since someone special is with her. Durga wishes for lots of blessings to be showered on her. Dadi tells Guddan that they planned a surprised for her. Guddan exults getting very excited and Akshat calms her down reminding her that she isn’t a kid anymore.

Guddan looks at Ganga who is glaring at her and thinking about her revenge. Guddan recalls Ganga telling her how much she hates her now and that she is plotting against her.

Lakshmi asks Dadi to do the aarti. Dadi does that and then blesses Akshat and Guddan. The latter are about to step inside but Lakshmi and Durga stop them. Saraswati says that the aarti is done so there is no other ritual left to perform. Durga asks her to shut up since she looks good only when she is quiet. She tells everybody that there is a new rule in the house: sanitize hands before entering. Akshat agrees and asks Guddan to be more careful now. Guddan says that she will sanitize hands often now and not touch hands, moreover they will maintain social distancing.

Akshat asks Dadi to be more careful. Dadi replies that she has been home for three months while they are coming from outside so now they should sanitize their hands and step inside. Akshat and Guddan sanitize their hands, after which Akshat takes Guddan’s hand and take her inside.

Guddan is surprised to see the house decorated with balloons and cut-outs of babies with their faces. Guddan chuckles and says that it is very sweet. Guddan and Akshat start arguing over which cut-out is cuter.

Lakshmi asks Guddan if she missed them or not. Guddan starts blabbering about how much she missed them and how she has always been sad. Durga teases her asking who she missed the most. Guddan replies that she missed her baby’s father’s the most. Everybody laughs.

Guddan asks them to tell her some gossips, what they did during the lockdown. Ganga says that she has the biggest gossip that will shock everybody. Akshat asks her what she did. Ganga replies that she will tell that later but now she shall tell what she learnt. Lakshmi asks her what she learnt. Ganga replies that she learnt that if she can do so much during lockdown so without any limit she can bring earthquake.

Ganga leaves making excuse. Guddan follows her. Ganga is dancing when Guddan stops her from behind. They stand face to face. Ganga tells her that she missed her a lot and seems like she took extra care of herself. Guddan warns her that the whole family is together and happy after a long time so she should not make any mess. Ganga says that she never started anything. Guddan threatens saying that she won’t even let her start anything since she is there to take care of her family like a bodyguard. She adds that she thought to advise her already before she wastes her time. She leaves. Ganga glares at her angrily.

Guddan gets in the kitchen and wants to make malpua. She gets happy seeing ingredients there. Akshat comes there and asks what she is trying to do. They start arguing because Guddan wants to cook but Akshat wants her to take rest. Lakshmi and Durga look at them amused. Guddan starts running with the lighter and Akshat chases her. He grabs her and pulls her closer. They share an eye-lock.

Dadi comes and coughs bringing them back into reality. She asks Askhat to cook something since he is a chef. Akshat and Guddan start arguing again. Akshat says that he makes best malpua. Guddan takes it as challenge. They argue about who the best is. Lakshmi and Durga laugh and mock them. Guddan wants to teach Akshat a lesson.

Ganga looks at them and recalls the slap Guddan gave them. She clenches her fist angrily and says that she will not forget it easily so she will take revenge with full swag.

Akshat and Guddan start making malpual. Guddan says that she and her baby are excited to see him losing this cooking competition. They argue. Akshat wishes her all the best. Ganga comes and takes Guddan’s side. Guddan thinks that she already got scared of her threat. Ganga has actually made lassi with poison and asks Guddan to taste it. She makes Guddan drink the lassi and she starts feeling dizzy. Guddan faints. Everybody rushes to her.

Episode ends