Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th October 2019 Written Update: Alisha tests AJ’s love for her!

Today’s episode starts with Alisha making new strategy to test AJ’s love. She shares half information with Saraswati. Saraswati gets angry on Alisha and Durga comes from behind and ask Saraswati what she is planning. Revti comes and ask Laxmi and Durga to wait till morning.

In the morning at breakfast table Alisha and Guddan vomits. AJ worries for Alisha and Guddan. Alisha reveals that she mixed poison in her and Guddan’s food. She further says to AJ that she has only one antidote and now he has to decide whom he will save. AJ saves Alisha and worries for Guddan. Guddan ask Durga that she has kept another antidote in the drawer. AJ feels relief.

AJ confronts Guddan and ask why she played with her life. Guddan says because it was needed for the sake of Alisha and she is sure from this incident Alisha will sure less her hatred towards him. AJ decides now he will not let Guddan to put her life at stake for Alisha.

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Other side, Saraswati, Revti and Perv tries to manipulate Alisha. Alisha doesn’t respond to them and further yells at them and ask the trio to leave her room. She further decides to test AJ once again.

Ahead, few ladies puts Antra’s face mask and enters Jindal ask. AJ ask Alisha what she is up to. Alisha plans AJ’s marriage. AJ stands shocked. Saraswati, Revti and Perv smiles wickedly. Alisha further, ask AJ to remarry someone of his age and give back her mother. AJ says he don’t have to prove anything to her. He about to hit Alisha but Guddan stops AJ. Guddan tries to talk Alisha but Alisha talks rudely with Guddan and accuses that she trapped AJ for money. Guddan stand shocked. (Episode Ends)