Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th January 2020 Written Update: The entire family joined hands to save the marriage of AJ and Guddan from Antara

Episode begins with Guddan is talking to Laxmi,Durga and her sister and Durga says I will not let anything happen like that. I will not let AJ married to this Guddan. Guddan says I have to prove my innocence to all and bring out the truth in front of AJ and the family. Antara is looking at the dresses she got and says Guddan can’t do anything.

Saraswati and her brother are entering the room and says we are with you Antara. Antara says from now on you will be with me always and they agreed and then they start to celebrate. Guddan is trying to check the reports of the hospital and looks for any proof among the papers.

Antara comes there and shows Guddan her bridal dress and says I won this bet and now I am going to become Mrs. jindal and you won’t be able to stop me at all because I did the game plan with full strategy planning. Guddan says to Antara you’re indulging in a fight with a mother and even you know that everything can be done through Guddan.

Saru and her brother Parav comes to check the room of Guddan and noticed that she is sitting alone in the room and thinks this is the perfect time for us to complete the work. They entered the room of Guddan while she is checking reports and suddenly she turned around and it is revealed that she is Revati,

Parav gets stunned to see her there and before they can react Laxmi puts a handkerchief on his mouth soaked in chloroform so that he gets unconscious and Revti captured saraswati and they kept both of them in the store room so that Antara doesn’t get to know about all these.

Later Guddan comes there and asks why you people are calling me and gets shocked to see them in the store room. Both of them tell Guddan the entire truth. They inform her that Durga went to bring evidence from the doctor and we will try our best to stop the wedding at any cost. Guddan gets a bit hopeful.

Durga threatens the doctor to handover the proof to her immediately by keeping his wife at gunpoint and says I can do what I am saying to you hence if you want good for your wife then give me the CCTV footage of your hospital right now. The doctor does what Durga is asking for and says I give the proof in this pendrive for you.

Durga thinks I have to do it for the sake of Guddan and her marriage with AJ. AJ is sitting in the room alone and is thinking about the past events when Guddna comes and asks him if you and me both are in pain then for whom are you doing all these?

AJ says even if you did some works too which basically seems impossible too right? Then it is my turn now and I am determined to get married to Antara and asks Guddan to leave the room immediately and wears the dress kept for the groom in the sofa.