Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th January 2021 Written Update: Agastya slaps Nia in front of Choti guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nia’s parents calling Agastya angrily. Agastya and Choti come downstairs and Nia’s father holds his collar and starts accusing him that how dare you do this to my daughter! Nia stops him and Pushpa says Agastya was not in his senses. He didn’t do it knowingly.

Nia’s father says you give lecture of justice and when it comes to your son you are not following your own words. People will laugh at my daughter. Nia’s mom says my daughter’s life has been ruined. She asks Choti can your mother Badi guddan tolerate something like this if it happens to you? You can understand our pain right? Nia starts her drama and says stop talking. My life is destroyed now I have no other choice except killing myself. She pours kerosene on herself and says I will burn myself. Don’t come close.

Nia’s mother says please stop her. Mani says don’t shout. She will not harm herself. She is only acting. Shona too says that she is drama queen and has done something like this before as well. Nia says now I have no choice. I cant live like this. Before her body catches the fire Choti stops her and says I will find a solution of it. She says Agastya will marry Nia. Everyone gets shocked hearing that. Agastya says have you gone mad? I love you. How can I marry Nia? Choti says why will Nia suffer? She hasn’t done anything. So, its my final decision. Choti leaves.

Choti comes to her room and starts crying. Choti recalls all the memories related to Agastya. She sees their wedding photo. Arav and Arushi come to meet Choti. Arav says this decision is giving you so much pain. Arushi says we shall find another solution. You and Agastya love each other a lot. You both can’t live without each other.

Pushpa hugs Agastya and says proud of you my son. Well played! Choti is thinking that you can’t live without her but the truth is different. Nia says she can’t wait to get married to Agastya.

Choti says we have no other choice. We have to do it. Arav asks what about you? Choti says I can’t do injustice to Nia. Arav says only badi guddan can solve everything. Choti misses Badi guddan and says where are you.

Agastya says Choti has no idea where is Badi guddan? Nia says you played it so well. You changed everything with one move. Agastya says people can’t imagine what I am thinking.

Choti cries seeing at Badi guddan’s photo. She says I have taken the toughest decision of my life. I need your guidance, your advise. Please come back. Don’t be angry. I will say sorry to you. Agastya comes and Choti hugs him and says please find my mom. She is upset with me that’s why she left suddenly. I can’t stay without her.

Agastya says I am happy that she is not here. She would not tolerate your nonsense decision. I was drunk and you trusted Nia who is not at all a trustworthy person. You didn’t believe me. How can you take decision for me? Guddan stays quiet. They stare at each other and get emotional. Nia suddenly comes and says to choti, you lier! you were only acting.

Now you are trying to get close to Agastya. Nia says what are you doing with my would be husband? I need my answer. She is about to slap Choti but Agastya stops her and slaps her. He says use your brain. Choti guddan is still my wife. Just get out of here. Agastya says he will never forgive Choti for what she has done. He leaves. Choti cries.

Episode ends.

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