Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15th October 2019 Written Update: Alisha hurts Guddan

Today’s episode starts with AJ getting restless thinking about Alisha’s demand. Guddan ask AJ to calm down and gives water to drink. AJ ask Guddan how she is not affected when Alisha demanded for the marriage. Guddan says because she knows none can separate her from AJ. She hugs AJ and consoles him. Later, Guddan thinks of a way to fulfill Alisha’s demand.

Durga comes to Alisha and talks with her. Alisha gets angry on Durga and holds her neck when Durga ask Alisha to accept Guddan, as her mother.

Ahead, Guddan does puja arrangement. Alisha asks what she is upto. Guddan gives a paper to Alisha that reads Guddan’s name has been changed from Guddan to Antra Akshat Jindal. AJ and other family members stand shocked. Alisha gets hyper and destroys the stuff and pushes away Guddan. AJ’s mother slaps Alisha and says she has crossed all her limits. She further tells to Alisha that she won’t allow her to insult Guddan.

Revti ask Perv to go and console Alisha. She asks Perv to fetch Alisha’s attention. Perv denies but Revti forces him to go. Saraswati ask Revti do she think her idea will work. Revti says she doesn’t know that but she is sure Guddan and AJ will have sleepless night seeing Perv and Alisha together.

Perv goes to Alisha and tries to console her. Alisha talks rudely with him. Perv tries to manipulate Alisha and tries to get close to her. Alisha asks Perv is he trying to flirt with her. Perv says he wants to but today he is here to apply ointment on her wounds. There, AJ applies ointment on Guddan’s wound and the duo spends a romantic time together. (Episode Ends)