Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th December 2019 written update: Guddan challenges Vikrant for a cricket match

Episode begins with Guddan is telling Durga and Vikrant whatever she did today is just to show them that I will always be one step ahead of you all. Durga says I will show them what I am now and now I will not make any plans but will attack directly. She says I will do something which will hurt Guddan the most now. Durga brings the Best Chef trophy for auction and says the first bet for the trophy starts from Rs.10 and the other person says I will say it is for Rs.11.

Durga thinks she is going to win this time but Guddan interrupts and says this is a trophy for which Mr.Jindal used to walk 50km. daily, his sweat blood and dedication is attached to this trophy. No one can buy this trophy from us and I will not let the trophy go away from here. The guests over there realises his mistake and he says I was distracted for a moment and I am sorry for that and then he says no auction will take place here. Vikrant comes forward and says you bet for this trophy then how can you go away now like this? The person says I was provoked by Durga to bet on this golden trophy of Mr. Jindal. You are being a good friend of Mr. Jindal and still making fun of his emotions? You should be ashamed of yourself. All the guest left from the house and Vikrant and Durga left the hall area in anger and with the fear of getting defeated. Vikrant is consuming alcohol in anger that all his plans are getting backfired on him only and Guddan is able to turn every defeats into a win for her. Durga comes and says I have a better idea about how to defeat Guddan and break her courage and beliefs.

The next morning, Vikrant is playing cricket match at the hall area of Jindal house and he purposefully hits the trophy of AJ and also hits a flower vase in a way to show his anger on these people. On the other side, Guddan comes there and noticed the entire thing and gets angry on Vikrant. Vikrant aims on the temple idols of the house to hit with his bat as it is favourite to Guddan and her mother-in-law. Guddan goes to save it and hold the ball but fails but AJ did catch it on time and hits it back on the forehead of Vikrant and he fell down on the ground. AJ asks him how dare he is to do such a thing and Guddan says if you love to play the play in the ground and if you also want to win along with playing then come face to face against us. Why do these kinds of childish things and get yourself embarrassed. She says I am telling you if you win the cricket match against us then we will be your slaves for life and if we win the match then you have to leave us and this house forever and have to promise that you will never ever come back.

Durga says you also have to promise that if you lose then you will give away the first child of yours and AJ to Vikrant. Guddan did agree to this condition ignoring the warning of AJ and later she made him understand more than the unborn baby she is worried about the child who is present in their life in the form of Alisha. She says to him whatever I am doing is for securing the future of our baby and nothing else. The family members of AJ come there and says they are with Guddan in a way to defeat Vikrant.