Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th December 2020 Written Update: Choti manages to know about her mother

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Choti waiting for her mother to call her but she is not calling her and she is waiting for her to give her any information. Pushpa comes from behind with a rod in her hand and Choti understands someone is standing behind her and as she is about to move back Pushpa hits her with a rod from back and she faints at the spot and Pushpa locks Choti inside and plans to escape from there. Other side, Sona is keeping an eye on Niya and says I am aware of all your tactics of life and I will not come under your dramas and pretense. She says what you are trying to say and opens the tape of her mouth and is about to leave from there.

However Sona finally understands that Niya is asking for water and she says I will be back shortly with water but till then you will go nowhere from this place. Aarav comes to meet Agastya at the police station and informs him that Choti is absolutely fine but currently she is busy in something but will be here soon to release him. Agastya doesn’t understand how she will save him whereas she herself is going through a delicate phase of life and needs utmost care herself. Aarav says I cannot let you know the reason like this here but can assure you that we are not doing something wrong.

Pushpa is going to sit in her car and leaves from Vishal godown when senior Guddan comes and stops her from going away. Pushpa is shocked to see her and says how can you be all well and come here. Guddan says my name is Guddan Jindal, when the name itself is so heavy then how dare you take me so lightly? Pushpa says that I cannot understand how you can come here when I myself buried you in soil.

Finally, Choti gets to know about her mother and Pushpa understands that it was her daughter-in-law who tricked her. Choti says to her don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? She is my mother who is your daughter in law, in short she is your closest relative. Threatens that this time the matter is not even about me so I am not going to spare anybody so it’ll be better if you speak up where she is directly. Niya opens the tape of her mouth and starts to asks for help from outside and Rashi comes there and asks if you are alive then why they take away my father with the allegations of your murder? Niya tries to play with her psychology and says that I really want to save your father but for that you need to release me so that I can go to the police station and give my statement.

At first Rashi doesn’t get convinced with the defence but then for the love of her father, she releases her. Choti comes to the area and tries to locate exactly where they buried her mother? She starts to dig at various places to find any trace of her mother but is unsuccessful. She prays to God to show her some light and ways to get her mother back. Finally she finds a clue and starts to dig the soil of that area and after a point of time finally she is able to see her mother. Niya ties Rashi with the ropes and says all of you are idiots in this house and tries to escape but Sona stops her but she bites her hand and runs away and thinks she can flee away now but Arushi hits her from behind and stops her as Niya faints at the spot.

Mani comes to meet Agastya and informs him about Niya being alive. Agastya doesn’t understand if she is alive then why she is kept in the house and not bring her to the police station! Choti brings her mother to a temple and tries to wake her up and asks the goddess for help so that she can save her mother and also her husband both. She says I can not lose any one of them hence help me out.

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