Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th January 2020 Written Update: Guddan is trying her best to stop the wedding

The priest calls for the groom to do the Varpuja and AJ comes down from upstairs, All are looking at him being upset and Guddan is making a sad face and when AJ suddenly stopped and he thinks Guddan holds him from the back.

Laxmi and Revti are waiting for Durga to come at the house with the proof and she informs them that she will be at home real soon with the proof and she asks Kishore to drive the car as soon as possible. Laxmi and Revti get happy and suddenly gets hopeful that may be Guddan will stop the wedding now and things will be fine soon.

Suddenly they get hit by Parav and Saraswati on the head and they faints and Saru and Parav goes to Durga to snatch the proof from them so that the marriage doesn’t get stopped. Guddan noticed Revti and Laxmi are unconsciously lying on the floor. She sprinkles water on her face slowly so that they can get back to their senses.

They told Guddan the entire story and she gets determined to stop the wedding at any cost now and she feels confident. Laxmi and Revti goes to tackle Parav and Saraswati. Guddan comes at the room of Antara and tries to spray something on her face and Antara holds her hand and says you really think you can defeat me in my own game.

Guddan sprays it and she herself gets unconscious due to the spray and she falls on the bed. Antara comes down for the marriage and says to the priest that can we complete the marriage.

in the next 15 minutes? Priest says I will do it but the bride has to be under the veil for this. Durga is coming with proof whenParv and Saru blocked the way. She noticed the car keys are intact and goes out of the car without making any noise and she gave them the pendrive but throws it in the jungle and says to Kishore to run away with the pendrive which has real proof and when all went she brings out the real one and goes in the car and drives off from there to reach the house as soon as possible.

Guddan was found by the mother of AJ and she says to her Antara kept her inside the cupboard and she says I have to stop the wedding, dadi says I have an idea but you have to be with me.