Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th January 2021 Written Update: Agastya says he will marry Nia after two days

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nia saying angrily that how dare Agastya slapped her for that stupid guddan. He told us bad things about her but there he was taking guddan’s side. Nia gets angry and Agastya comes to stop her. He says you got a slap because of your stupidity. Don’t come in my way. Its my plan. Pushpa says then tell us about your plan. Else how can we help you. Agastya says right now this much information is enough for you. Rest I won’t reveal now. You do arrangements of my marriage with Nia. Wait for tomorrow. I will do something big. Nia says he has turned into villain. Pushpa says I am waiting for tomorrow. Nia says he proved that he is your son.

Choti talks to lord Krishna and gets worried for her mother. She decides to call the police. She says I need to talk to her. I am missing her so much. She is about to call then Agastya suddenly starts calling everyone using a mic. Everyone comes. Agastya says my wife took a decision for me now I will make an announcement that is I will marry Nia after two days. Everyone gets shocked except Pushpa and Nia. Nia starts clapping. Shona observes Pushpa and Nia. She says with disgust that these two will never change. Arav throws the mic asks Agastya angrily that how can you leave my sister and marry this Nia?

Agastya says why didn’t you ask this same question to Choti guddan? Arav and Agastya hold each other’s collar and Arav starts shouting that you are doing wrong to my sister. Arushi tries to stop Arav. But he shouts at her as well. Arav says to Agastya that its all your fault. At first you spent night with Nia. You cheated on my sister. Now you are announcing marriage with Nia. How dare you? Agastya hits him. Arav too hits him back. Pushpa stops them and says I won’t tolerate this kind of behavior again.

Agastya and Choti took the decision and everything will happen according to their wish. Pushpa says I am not happy with Choti’s decision. Choti says she is really confused. Pushpa says after a certain point of time everything will be alright. Pushpa thinks soon this guddan’s chapter will end. Badi is gone already now only two days left, then everything will be fine.

Arushi comes to Arav and she helps him in wrapping the bandage. Arav says sorry to Arushi. He says I couldn’t control myself specially when it’s about Choti I become overprotective. Please forgive me. Arushi says my brother is also upset. She says something is wrong. These things are not happening automatically. Someone is behind this.

Shona taunts Pushpa and Nia that they are like dog’s tail. Despite of tolerating so much insult how can you repeat those things once again. This Nia is brainwashing you.

Nia is mad and one day she will make you a fool as well like she did to her father. Shona says why can’t you see Choti’s good nature. She is doing so much for us but you are unable to see her kindness. Nia shouts at Shona and Shona holds her hand tightly and stop your melodrama. She says when Agastya will get to know about it he will teach you a lesson. Agastya and Choti will always be together. You can’t separate them. Shona leaves. Pushpa starts laughing. She says Shona has no idea that Agastya is doing all these. When they will know Agastya’s intentions they will get a huge shock.

Choti sits in her room and she remembers Badi guddan. She cries a lot. She suddenly hears Badi guddan’s voice. She says I can’t lose hope. I informed police. Now I should keep calling her. She hears same phone ringtone in Agastya’s cupboard. She picks up Agastya’s phone and someone asks for him. Agastya takes his phone from Choti.

Choti says your phone ringtone and my mother’s ringtone is same. Agastya says your mom’s phone is not in my cupboard. Don’t call Badi guddan repeatedly. When she will feel like coming back she will come. Choti looks at him. Agastya says I meant when she will be in good mood. Also don’t touch my stuffs again. Agastya leaves. Choti grows suspicious. She says how can Badi leave like this. Something is not good.

Episode ends.

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