Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th December 2020 Written Update: Aarav proves the innocence of Agastya in front of police officers

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Choti praying to god to recover her mother because she cannot afford to lose her all over again. She is crying and pleading sitting in the temple when her mother responds after a while. Choti gets happy to see that her mother is alright and doing absolutely fine. She says to her mother that they will go to hospital and get her treated and nothing will happen to her.

On the other side Agastya is taken to the court for his first hearing. However he is worried about his wife because it’s been a long time since he was looking for her but she is not here yet. He thinks that it was my mistake that I am away from you, I should have been with you during this time. Pushpa comes to the temple and notices Guddan and her daughter from far. She says to herself that she is the biggest enemy of Guddan and her family members hence she will not let them go easily and alive from here. She calls her goons to appear at the temple.

Choti makes her mother stand up and says let us go to hospital first to get first-aid for yourself. They are going to descending the stairs of the temple when Pushpa comes in front of them and starts to laugh in an evil way. She says to them that I will not let you go from here and to stop my son going away from me, it is very important for senior Guddan to die for real. senior Guddan recalls what happened 20 years earlier with her and Akshat and she thinks in her mind that she will not let history being repeated with her daughter at any cost.

Both mother and daughter escape from there to save themselves from the goons while Pushpa asks them to chase them down and kill them. On the other side Aarav and Sona are trying to contact Guddan but her phone is unreachable continuously. Aarav says to Shona that this is the reason I can never trust Pushpa, she is not worthy of it at all and she is very much of a revengeful personality. Sona agrees to him and says I thought that for the sake of her own son Chiku she will not do anything to Guddan but it seems like, her hatred and revenge is more important than anything else. Niya says to them you people can do nothing and is going to lose everything in this process.

At one side your sister will die and the other hand agastya will be jailed for life time with the allegations of my murder. Aarav gets angry and throws a table in front of her and says that I am a batsman by profession and when it is death overs then I don’t play defensive and directly goes into attacking mode. If anything happens to my sister or my brother in law then I will not leave anybody. Agastya notices Guddan and another lady with her are trying to escape from some bunch of goons and he doesn’t understand why goons are chasing his wife and he gets worried for her because she is pregnant.

He immediately starts to plead in front of the police officials to let him go as his wife is in danger but they are not paying any attention to his words. In between Aarav receives a call from his sister Guddan and she informed that she is fine and wants him to release Agastya from police custody because she got her mother back all fine and good. Before Aarav can asks for any other questions she hangs the call because she feels someone is there and she doesn’t want to get caught by them.

Agastya finds out a way to escape from the police like when ? he does exactly the same and says that I need to go to save my wife and after that whatever punishment you will give to me I will definitely respect that. He runs away from the police Jeep while the police officers are also trying to trace him out. Pushpa informs his goons to look in the local houses as well !

On the other hand Aarav calls his police officer back in the Birla House and introduces Niya in front of them to prove the innocence of Agastya. She gives her official statement that she is alive and has nothing to do with her hence the entire fiasco is unnecessary. The police officers said that you have to come with us to complete some formalities. The other side, Guddan and her mother ar6 trying to escape from the place without getting noticed by Pushpa and her goons.

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