Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th February 2020 Written Update: Guddan’s plans for Akshat

Episode starts with. Guddan broke Akshat’s liquors bottle. This made Akshat angry he scold Guddan while she said she didn’t know about this, she thinks that these bottle are from production house. Akshant getting angry and called Manish but Guddan turns the table and start scolding him and said why you give his liquors stocks.

Here, Akshat leaves the production house in anger while Guddan thank Manish for supporting her in her drama. Then Mrs jindal came and thank Guddan for doing this. Guddan said to her, she going to work hard and remove this drinking habit from Akshat. There comes food for Guddan she asks Mrs jindal to join her.

There, Antara eats her lunch alone Guddan come and said to her from today onwards everyone is going to eat food together while Akshat crave for alcohol and going to buy some. Antara said to Guddan see he just wants to drink and if you can stop him then go.

Akshat opens the door and there children come wishing him well. Akshat asks them are you both hungry Prathna said she want to eat food with him. While Durga wants to feed Arav but he says he wants to eat foor with everyone like others family do. Durga said to him we going to eat together from tomorrow but Laxmi came and give Durga good news, today we all going to eat together like before.

Here, today everyone is sitting together for lunch meanwhile Arav asks Guddan to eat lunch with him. And Prathna asks Antara to standup from her sit as this belongs to Guddan and asks Akshat to feed Guddan. Akshant feed lunch to her and this made everyone happy. Children also asks Guddan to feed Akshat as well she’s also doing the same and this bring joy to Jindal family.

Prathna asks AJ to pinky promise to her that from now on he’s not going to drink alchohol but when Prathna given blink to Guddan he saw and afterwards he asks Guddan that she’s manipulate children. Guddan said to him, children loves him alot as they just want from you to not having liquor which is fear enough but Akshat said, her plan is not going to work.

Afterwards, Akshat buying Liquor while police come and took all the liquor bottles from him as he buys them on dryday and asks him not to sawing him self on any liquor shop. Here Guddan come and said thankyou to police for helping her. Police man wants selfie with her as his wife is Guddan’s fan. (Episode End)