Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th February 2020 Written Update: Guddan drinks alcohol for Akshat

Episode starts with. Guddan packing her jewellery boxes and her sister came and asks what she is doing Guddan said that she wants to return the love as everyone is loving her so much as an actor. That’s why am packing these stuff for auction and what ever she gets from this.She send all the money to addiction center. Her sister asks her but why she wants to do this. Guddan said maybe if i doing something good for others can  help Mr Jindal as he didn’t take any medication also her Lord Krishna gives her so much so she can help others people to and as well as Mr Jindal.

Here, Mrs Jindal appreciate Guddan for trying to help Akshat from his drinking habit. But on the other hand Antra gives alcohol to Akshat as she wants to make him away from family and make  Guddan to leave this house. Akshat drinks all the alcohol. While Laxmi came to Guddan and tells her that Akshat as drunk alcohol again and went from house. Laxmi said to her you go behind him and she is going to tackle the one who give liquor to Akshat.

Afterwards, Laxmi and Durga came to Antran’s room and scolds her for doing all this. Meanwhile Guddan take bottle from Akshat and he  asks her to give his bottle back. Guddan said she also wants to drink. Akshat look at her and asks her you want to drink. Guddan said yes why did you think only man can drink alcohol, women’s can drink to.

Akshat said okay fine have. Guddan said fine am drinking and to prove him she drinks little bit. She start making face as this taste bad. Akshat asks her to give it back but when she didn’t gives bottle to him. He said then share this with him. Both drink alcohol as she wants to remove this habit from him so she can do anything for him.

There Mr’s Jindal and Guddan’s sister thinking about duo. While driver calls Guddan’s sister and said that Guddan is getting drunk with Akshat. After duo gets drunk and Guddan wants to sing a song but Akshat don’t want her to sing. While Guddan said she is going to sing a song for him today and she sing ‘me kya kru ram mujhe bhuda mil gaya’. There they starts nok-jhok again. While two people came to them but duo start running as they think those two are bad people and then.They both saw a hotel.

Guddan’s father calls her sister so she lies to him and wants to hide today drama from him and said that everything is fine. Her father said take a good care of Guddan as she is working so hard. There, Guddan and Akshat staying in a hotel room and romance happened in between them. (Episode End)