Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th January 2021 Written Update: Choti gets shocked knowing that Agastya will marry Nia even after knowing the truth

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Choti thinking her mother can’t be upset with her for so long. She gets no clue and prays for her. Shona comes and gives her courage that she should be strong. Choti hugs Shona and says she is not able to understand anything. Everything is so messy right now. Agastya is not talking to her as well. Shona says I have doubts on Pushpa and Nia. Pushpa can’t change herself. She is acting. Badi guddan is missing maybe Pushpa is behind all these. Choti says how can it be possible. Mummy has become a good person. Shona says you are too innocent. Pushpa can make other people bad. She can never be a good human being. Shona says to Pushpa that she should do something.

Nia wears the jewelries and Pushpa gives her a khandani necklace. She says its outdated but still she wears it. Pushpa says you will wear it during your first night. I know you have been really excited for this. Choti observes them and gets shocked seeing Pushpa happy. Choti thinks she was wrong Pushpa is still the same. She regrets that she took the decision of Agastya and Nia’s marriage. Maybe Nia’s claim was totally false.

Choti shares it with Arav and she says I have done so wrong without even thinking for once. It was all Pushpa and Nia’s planning. Now my marriage is at stake. I have weakened my relationship with Agastya. My mother was correct I never use my brain. I always take decision randomly. Arav says don’t lose hope. You can win. Choti says yes now there’s only one way to solve this.

Mani talks to Agastya that why is he not supporting Choti in this difficult time? Why he agreed to marry Nia. Nia is a cheater. Get her out from the house. If you can’t do it then I will do. Agastya stops him and stay away from my matter. I have not ruined anything. Shona notices Agastya’s behavior. She says why Agastya is being this much rude to Mani. Mani is his brother. Pushpa’s effect can be seen in Agastya. Arushi says Choti and Agastya’s relationship is in danger. Shona says I have talked about this to Choti. I hope she does something.

Choti makes matar paneer for Rashi. Rashi says she misses her cooked food so much. Nia tells Pushpa that because of Choti her wedding arrangements are not happening properly. Badi guddan then enters with full swag saying you two are finding whom? Nia and Pushpa get shock. Nia says your son is a liar or this Badi guddan is immortal. Badi says what have you thought? That I am so stupid and I will trust your drama. I know you very well. That night nothing happened between Nia and Agastya. I am with Choti and I will protect her. Pushpa yes I admit we lied but what will you do? She says your own daughter gave her consent for this marriage. She wants to leave Agastya. Badi says because she trusted you. She believes you have changed yourself. Badi tells that I will reveal the truth in front of Agastya and he will punish you. Agastya comes and gets surprised seeing Badi in front of him. Badi says your mother is still the same. They can’t change themselves ever. It was all their planning to separate you from Choti. Agastya says you are wrong. I have proof of what happened between me and Nia.

Agastya gives a report to Badi. Badi gets shocked and says this report is fake. Agastya gives her glasses and says its electricity bill. Pushpa and Nia get a huge shock seeing that its not Badi guddan. Agastya asks Choti why did she do that? Choti says so that the truth comes out. Pushpa and Nia themselves confessed their truth. She asks them to confess again. Choti says sorry to Agastya and she says I should have given you one chance to prove. Now you don’t need to marry Nia. Please tell that you won’t marry. Everybody says the same thing that Agastya should change his decision. Choti says thank god that I got to know the truth. Now everything will be fine. Agastya says he won’t change his decision. He will marry Nia. Choti gets shocked.

Episode ends.

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