Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 18th March 2020 Written Update: Jindal family don’t care about Avinash anymore.

Today’s episode begins with Guddan who asks Mrs. Jinda  to give Avinash a chance while Mrs. Jindal continues to deny it and she says that it can’t be better again because our relationship gets sour.  So there is no need to  forcing me to forgive him because now  it is impossible for me. Says Guddan, nothing is impossible in Guddan’s world and I promise you that I will improve your relationship with your son. 

Mrs Jindal gets frustrated by Guddan, she says that I had already said that I will never forgive him till I die . And here  Kishore  also requests Guddan not to force us.  Because relationship is made with love, not by force.  And our love for Avinash ended long ago.  And he left from there with Durga and Mrs. Jindal.

On the other hand Ganga also feels that Guddan is trying a lot to help us, so I too need to help her. Later Ganga plays a drama in front of Jindals and she stands  between the pieces of glass on the table and asks Mrs jindal to forgive her. But she says, you will not make any difference to me through these dramas, I will never forgive your husband. So it would be better if you stop all this and come down. But Ganga says i will never come down until you forgive me. Here Gudan is also trying to bring her down, but as a stubborn woman she does not listen to anyone and does what is in her heart and tells everyone that she will not come down until you guys  forgive my husband.

AJ says, see Ganga what you are doing is not a right way to apologise to someone by this you can hurt yourself so please come down and  then we will talk. But Ganga does not take the name of moving from there and after getting upset by this, Guddan comes and sits in his room from there. Then AJ come and he asks her what happened, now you are regretting by your actions. Guddan says, i just want to help you guys but now it’s become my headache, can you help me.

AJ says no to her as in this matter  he can’t help her as he is also upset with Avinash. On the other hand Saraswati comes to Ganga and give her Pomegranate juice as she is working hard to get everyones forgiveness And she also starts instigating her against Guddan. Ganga gets very angry with this and she scolds her and drives her away.

Episode ends with Guddan asking help from Durga and Laxmi but they also but they also refuses her to help her.