Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th February 2020 Written Update: Guddanand AJ in breaking news.

Episode starts with. Guddan and AJ shares some romantic moments together and they starts play truth and dare. AJ spin bottels and his turn came. Guddan asks him when she leave his life. Did he miss her. AJ said yes, I miss you and loves you a lot as you make my life happy. Then AJ asks Guddan did she really move on. Or she just want  to make him  jealous. She says, she loves him to. AJ asks her to prove him and give him a kiss. But she already fall asleep.

In morning, Reportscame in hotel room and asks about Guddan and Aj’srelationship.They said bad things about  Guddan’scharacter.This made AJ angry he wants to beat him but Guddan stop AJ. Afterwards Guddaan and AJ are in the breaking news that says the ex-couple spent the night together in a hotel room.

This made Mrsjindal and Laxmihappy as they wants them close. But Durga said this is serious matter also what we  going to say Guddan’s father if he came. There, Guddan and AJ doing nok-jhokAnd they went for house. Bhushan came and asks Mrsjindal why they are doing this with Guddan.Antra came and asks him. if you wantto blamesome one then blame your daughter as this is happening because of her.

There, Guddan and AJ came. Guddan wants to tell turth behind the news. But Bhushan ignore her words and  slaps AJ.Bhushan scolds AJ and asks him. Why he wants to destroy her daughter’s life again. Aj kneel in front of Bhushan and asks him. For his forgiveness.