Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th March 2020 Written Update: Avinash save Arav and AJ.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Saraswati who is mad at Ganga as she beats her and because of that her ear get hurt and there has a lot of pain in her ear so she gets very angry on Ganga and wants to teaches her a good lesson so she starts plot against Ganga. Meanwhile, Guddan comes to her room and asks Saraswati for her help. Saraswati says, why should I help you because you are my biggest enemy. And if the will horse befriends the grass, what will it eat?

Then Guddan threatened her and said if you will not help me, I will tell everyone that you want to destroy my face. After knowing the fact that Gudden has already come to know about her intuition, she gets surprised. She asks Guddan how you know about it, but still you have no evidence against me. Guddan says do you think I need proof because everyone has faith in me. So if I tell about your karma, they will definitely believe me. Later Saraswati had no choice so she chose to help her.

Later Guddan has asked everyone to come to the temple. Mrs Jindal and other family members are curious as to why Guddan has called us here. AJ says, It might be another suprise for us. On the other hand, Saraswati tells Guddan that I cannot do this. AJ will kill both of us. Says Guddan. Just shut up and focus on your goal, the rest I’ll manage. They both disguise themselves as a bandit. They come to Jindal and capture Aarav. AJ and Avinash ask him to leave Arav, they say, we are ready to give everything we have, just let him go. Later Arav bits Guddan’s hand and run away from them.

But there is a trench, where Aarav accidentally falls into the trench, each one runs after it, while AJ and the other family members find out that it is only Guddan’s play. Kishore scolds Guddan for this . He tells Guddan that if anything happens to my child, I will never forgive you.

Later AJ takes a rope to save Arav but the rope breaks in the middle but Avinash deals with the situation and saves Arav and AJ. The rope causes blood to flow from his hand. He wants to hide his hand so that no one knows that his hand is hurt. But AJ already shows that Avinash has a hand injury.

The episode ends, Arav commends Avinash for his help while Revathi on the other hand comes with the police and asks them to arrest Avinash and Ganga as they harass my sister and family.