Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th October 2020 Written Update: Pushpa impressed by Choti Guddan preparations for engagement

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Choti Guddan arrange everything for the engagement. Mani comes near Guddan and tries to impress her and offers helps to Choti Guddan but she denies the help politely. Pushpa comes there asks Choti Guddan whether all preparation or not? Guddan says everything is finished. Pushpa see Guddan had done everything perfectly and impress by Guddan but don’t say to her.

Puspha says Niya and her family will be here on anytime but l can’t see Agastya and Rashi anywhere, where are they? Pushpa says if Rashi is the reason behind Agastya missing from the event I will not leave her or anyone who tries to create problems in this auspicious occasion. Where are they both? And Pushpa goes from there in search of Rashi and Agastya.

Choti Guddan thinks something is wrong with Rashi since Niya entered the Birla’s house.I have to protect Rashi before Pushpa Ji reaches her. At Jindal Bhavan, Durga Jindal gets tense by thinking how Choti Guddan can do all work alone. Arrav consoles Durga by saying Choti Guddan can handle everything single Handley. Arushi comes near Agastya and asks what you are thinking my brother? Agastya says about marrying Niya! Arushi asks do you don’t like Niya?

Agastya says she is good but not for me. Arushi asks then why you agreed for marriage? Agastya says for Rashi since she needs a Mother, for me Rashi happiness is my first priority, if Rashi is happy then I am happy. Arushi says Agastya sometimes we should think about our happiness also brother. Pushpa comes there and asks Agastya you not yet get ready? Niya’s family might be here any time. Agastya says Mom five minutes I will be ready.

Guddan searches for Rashi everywhere in the house but can’t find Rashi anywhere. Guddan comes to Agastya room in search of Rashi and enters the Restroom to check whether Rashi is present in restroom instead of Rashi, Guddan clash with Agastya in shirtless. Agastya scolds Guddan what are you doing here?

Guddan says I came here in search of Rashi and starts to go from there but slips in the process of catching Guddan Agastya also slips and both falls down (Romantic Music plays in background). Agastya says you look beautiful in open hair. Guddan says today your engagement going to held and you are flirting with me? Agastya says I am not flirting with you just observing. Guddan says you just do your work and I will do my work and will leave from here by taking back my dad’s restaurant. Agastya says good .

Niya and Her family comes to Birla’s house Pushpa welcomes them by giving Aarti. Saru Maa says Niya to enter the house by keeping right leg inside. Just then Durga Jindal and Arushi comes there Pushpa asks to Durga why you came here? Durga says I am here to give lunch for Guddan. Pushpa says if you are thinking to help Guddan in the name of lunch box you can go from here by giving lunch box to me. Saru Maa says don’t do like that let them come inside.

Guddan comes into the storeroom in search of Rashi and sees Rashi is sad and asks Rashi what’s troubling you Gudiya. Rashi says I always ask dad to get marry and see today he is getting engage but Iam not happy with it. Rashi asks you also don’t have your mother with you then how can be this happy. Guddan says my parents are near me always in my heart and says to Rashi to close your eyes and remember your mom, you will feel she is near you only.

Rashi do as Guddan says she closed her eyes and remembers how Guddan protected her in the temple. Rashi thinks I got an answer for my questions who is my mother but now I have to convince Guddan in my own way to become my mother then no will seperate’s me from Guddan and hugs Choti Guddan.