Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 19th September 2019 Written Update: AJ hurts himself for hurting Guddan

Today’s episode starts with man telling to the inspector that AJ shot Guddan and he saw her falling sown from the cliff. Gudddan recalls the moment. AJ’s family mates opposes the statement made by the man and supports AJ.

Inspector further asks Guddan is the man saying right. Guddan tells to everyone that AJ can never harm her as he loves her a lot. She further added the man he might be mistaken. She thanks and the man for coming and giving his statement. Inspector says than they will close the file.

Guddan asks AJ to tell the truth because she saved him from going jail. AJ says she don’t have to do any favor on him as he hate her and that’s why he shot her. Guddan further decides to find out the truth. A mask person enters Guddan’s room to stab her. AJ stops the person. He drags the person out and confronts is he mad. Guddan wakes up and looks for AJ.

AJ hides with the person from his grandmother. Later, he warns the person and ask not to harm Guddan at any cost. AJ comes back home. Guddan hides seeing AJ. She wonders where he is going late at night.

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गुड्डन तुमसे ना हो पाएगा 19 सितंबर 2019 लिखित अपडेट: AJ ने गुड्डन को चोट पहुंचाने के लिए खुद को चोट पहुंचाई|

Guddan follows AJ. She spots AJ with Antra adnd gets shocked. Antra hugs AJ. Guddan enters the house and slaps Antra. She confronts Antra. But AJ stops Guddan and ask her to stay away from Antra.

Antra tell to Guddan that AJ still loves her. Guddan decides to send Antra back to the jail. AJ threatens Guddan and ask her to keep Antra’s secret with her only.

Guddan confronts AJ. She again ask AJ to tell her the truth as why he shot her. AJ tells to Guddan that he only love Antra and hates her rest she can live in illusion that he loves her.

AJ tells to Guddan that Antra is his first live and he can’t forget her. Guddan says but her first love is he and she can’t forget him.

AJ recalls what he has done with Guddan and hurts his hand. Guddan too recalls AJ’s word and gets teary (Ya Rabba plays in the background). Guddan decides to unveil the truth. Revati comes and ask Guddan what is bothering hre. Guddan says nothing. (Episode Ends)