Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st January 2020 Written Update: Guddan is going to be a mother soon, family rejoices

Episode starts with AJ is singing a paper and and he gets a parcel and he opened it to find a parcel from Alisha’s side. He gets a pendrive inside it and asks Vardhan to bring laptop soon. He plays the pendrive in the laptop. Alisha says you all know right? How much I love you all and adore you.

Alisha says in the video and I tried for a long time and but can never tell you the truth about myself. I just want to say today that I am sick, so sick, I am having a disease of heart. Guddan is feeling disgusted to see the video and she knows it is made by Antara. She says I have one request to make to all of you that please take care of my mother Antara as she will not be able to live without any of us.

Alisha says I love you all and I love each and every person of you. Guddan says Antara made Alisha do all these things. She made Alisha speak all these nonsense in the video in front of all so that she can get her motive. Guddan speaks up in front of all about the misdeeds of Antara and asks her to confess in front of all family members.

Antara does drama in front of all in the house and says if I get my princess treated at the right time and then we don’t have to see this day. She called Guddan a step mother of Alisha and says I shouldn’t have left her with you then she will be alive. Guddan is about to throw Antara out of the house and she suddenly feels drowsy and faint in the arms of Akshat.

Doctor comes there and says Guddan has good news to give and says she is pregnant and she is going to be a mother. Everyone gets happy for Guddan and her upcoming baby and says her to take rest and not to invest in any other things or activities. All the people left the room when Antara says if you want to blame me for anything Guddan then please do it after sometime but not now. Akshat asks Antara to excuse him and Guddan for a while. He says to Guddan that God has given him a chance again and this time he will be the world’s best father for his kid.

Guddan also thinks that she also needs to fulfill her responsibilities as a mother of Alisha first before welcoming this kid.
Antara is fuming in anger and jealousy in the room and thinks how will Guddan can be pregnant and is banging the mirror when Guddan comes there and says to Antara that she will become the mother of Alisha too and will get her justice as well. She says within 24 hours you will be out of this house and will enter jail for lifetime.