Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st January 2021 Written Update: Pushpa leaves the house and Agastya doesn’t stop her

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Niya blaming Agastya that I will do suicide and will write a suicidal letter blaming Agastya for everything. After this he will rot in jail for lifetime and that will be perfect. Niya wipes her tears and is going away from there but Choti stops her and says you are allowed to stay here.

 Everyone is shocked with her decision and Agastya tried to make her understand that she is not worthy of trusting at all. She will never be on your side and again she will ditch you. Aarushi says to her she is just manipulating you again for her personal gain. Choti says I don’t want any legal hassle all over again and when it comes to Agastya I don’t want to take any risk. 

Agastya is overwhelmed with her words and Niya is looking at her with angry eyes. Choti comes to Guddan and she asks her daughter to close the door and she wants to talk to her. Guddan says what the hell are you doing is beyond me and I don’t understand your take at all. She says you are letting your husband’s ex wife stay in the house for what? She says don’t repeat all the wrongdoings of your parents at all specially what I did in the case of Antara.

Everytime I come under the spell of her tears and pleadings and what I got in return is only betrayal. Choti is adamant with her decision and she says whatever the consequences , I will deal with them alone and will not complain. Guddan says the call is simply yours but I will not agree with it while Choti says even I don’t agree with many things but still I am not saying anything.

Agastya is spending time with her daughter Rashi and asks her to come to him with any problem she faces with the academic side. Even if I am not available for you then you can easily consult with Choti and then Rashi asks him what is “Ghar Jamai” and Pushpa says from the background that Gharjamai is someone who are invalid, worthless, not important, not worthy of any work and matter.

She says Agastya not only let down the entire family but also my reputation which took me years to built and then she says I am making it easy for you for once and all and that is I am leaving the house forever and will not come back here at any cost no matter what. She goes towards the gate and thinks Chiku will not let me go and will stop me for sure.

Agastya stands up and passes by Pushpa and goes upstairs without saying a single word and Pushpa goes out thinking that Chiku has changed a lot that he doesn’t even stop me at all. Choti is sad to see everything. Aarav informs Aarushi about Pushpa leaving the house and she cries and says to him that my family is breaking day by day and all these are too depressing.

Aarv consoles her that why do you think you are alone and says all are with you and even me too. Aarushi asks him will you be with me lifelong like you will never leave me? Aarav gets conscious and goes away from there.

Choti notices Agastya is upset with Pushpa leaving the house and he declines to even have dinner at night but to everyone shock Choti brings back Pushpa in the house so that Agastya doesn’t remain unhappy. Guddan is so unhappy to see this decision of her daughter but she says I did it for my in-laws and Agastya.

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