Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st July 2020 Written Update: Argument between AJ and Guddan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 1st July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode start with AJ is working out while Guddan video call him. He pickup her call and she ask him, what is he doing. AJ tells her that he is doing some exercise to which Guddan replies that she also wants to do it but lockdown made her lazy. AJ tells her that her bad eating habit and lack of exercise making her lazy to which Guddan ask him if he is taunting her.

AJ tells her that he is not taunting her by any means, he just want to tell her the fact. While Guddan says that though she is not doing any type of exercise but she still burn her calories by doing some household chores and dancing. She then disconnect the phone call as she gets upset with AJ.

After a moment she again give a video call to AJ and this time she is in workout outfit. AJ take her call and Guddan ask him to give her any type of exercise and she will do it. AJ ask her to leave but Guddan still insist , so he then tells her to do various exercises. She can’t match AJ’s workout level and soon she gets very tired. AJ and Guddan once again start arguing.

Guddan tell AJ that meditation is better than workout. While AJ says that workout is important for her fitness. Guddan tells him that he is only concentrating on his hair and body, while she take care of his family and she also do lots of house work which is very tricky and time taking.

AJ tells Guddan that he also care about her family and his and Guddan’s father bonding is also very strong and amazing. Duo then start arguing about who has better relations with each other’s family. After their long argument, AJ accept that Guddan is better, while Guddan now says that he is the best son-in-law. AJ tells Guddan that they respect each other’s family.

Guddan also agrees with it. She tells him that they both love their family without any conditions. AJ then ask Guddan how much she love him to which she replies that she love him more than he does. AJ says that he loves her more and like this duo again start fighting with each other. (Episode end)