Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th January 2021 Written Update: Choti Guddan dances happily and accepts Agastya’s decision

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Agastya accusing Choti. He says you take decisions so quickly then do it right now. Make things right. Sometimes I think that you are wholly a bad person. He says I won’t change my decision. Make all the arrangements as soon as possible. He leaves.

Arav remembers Pushpa’s harsh words and he angrily practices cricket. That ball hits Arushi. Arav saves her. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. Arushi gets worried and says why is this happening to our family. Only Badi Guddan was able to take right decision but she isn’t here as well. Arav hugs Arushi and consoles her. She cries. Arav says Agastya loves Choti a lot. He is angry right now. Something is wrong for sure. Pushpa comes and says to Arushi that don’t meet this useless person from now. I gave my consent due to some reasons but now you don’t have to marry this guy. Pushpa forcefully tries to separate her from Arav. Arav says angrily leave her. They hear a song from outside suddenly.

Everyone sees that Choti is dancing on ghani bawari song. Choti dances crazily with Agastya. Agastya looks uninterested. Agastya asks have you gone mad? Choti says why? I am only enjoying. I am the first wife who will make arrangements for her husband’s marriage. You will marry this chipkali. You all are invited. I promise you will never forget this marriage. I’ll do everything properly. Shona says its wrong. Why are you doing this. Don’t take decision when you are angry. She taunts Pushpa. She says you must be very happy seeing your son and daughter in law like this. But I won’t let this happen.

Choti says now nothing can happen. Tomorrow is haldi ceremony and I don’t want any indiscipline tomorrow. Everyone buy your shoes and clothes.

Nia and Pushpa apply face pack on their faces. They seem relaxed and talk to each other about marriage. Nia says finally the day has come. That gadhi Guddan will leave Agastya. Pushpa asks how can Choti easily agree for this marriage. Nia says I am thinking the same. But who cares. Agastya will marry me. That’s enough.

Choti misses Badi Guddan. She says I am really confused I am doing right or not? But I guess its right for me and Agastya. I don’t have any other choice. Agastya then comes and holds her arms tightly. He asks what do you want Choti? Choti says I am doing exactly what you want. Agastya says if you care for me then this shouldn’t have happened. you are doing this knowingly. Choti says I have thought about it. I have one gift for you as well. She gives divorce papers to Agastya. She says if you want to marry Nia then I should divorce you at first. I signed it. I made things easier for you. I will do the gathbandhan as well. Agastya says fine. I’ll also sign it.

Choti is heartbroken and says I understand the situation but this is not right. We can’t hide our pain from each other. She recalls the moments she spent with Agastya. She cries.

Next day Nia’s parents come to the haldi ceremony. They ask why does everything look so fade. Pushpa says main thing is the marriage is finally happening. That stupid Guddan will be out from Agastya’s life. Nia’s father doubts that something will be wrong at the end. Pushpa says don’t think like this. Everything will be alright. Pushpa thinks now she will get it what she wants.

Episode ends.

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