Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st January 2021 Written Update: Choti Guddan shows care for Agastya

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nia getting ready for haldi ceremony. Suddenly, Shona snatches her wig and says I won’t let you dress up. Nia says return it to me. Shona says I wont let you finish your make up. You are separate Agastya from Guddan. Nia tries to take her wig and Shona pushes her. Arushi holds Nia. Shona says why did you save her?

She should get injured and then only this marriage will stop. Arushi says Guddan and Agastya are responsible for their unsuccessful marriage, they have gone mad and this Nia only is taking advantage of it. Shona says I believe this Nia is only responsible. She tries to slap her but Nia runs away. Shona gets emotional. She says I can’t be a part of this drama.

Guddan and Agastya love each other a lot and I understand the situation but I can’t stand this Nia. Mani comes and says same here. I can’t see Guddan and Agastya like that. They decide to talk to Guddan.

They observe Choti from behind and Shona says Choti is hiding her tears only. Arav says god knows where is Badi Guddan? What does Choti want? Arushi says let’s talk to her. Choti is busy making the haldi paste. They keep asking why Choti is doing all these? Arav says if Badi ma was here she would have given you some idea to stop all this and you are making all the arrangements! Mani says if that Nia becomes Agastya’s wife then everything will be ruined. They force Guddan so that she stops the marriage.

Guddan finally says she is only acting. She needs their help. She reveals her plan and says Agastya should not know about this. They all become happy.

Agastya recalls Guddan’s decision. He looks upset. He tries to wear the kurta but he can’t do it. Guddan sees it and she helps him. Agastya says I don’t need your help. Guddan says you should say thanks to me. When you will get married to Nia you won’t need me so for the last time I helped you. Agastya thinks if I was in your place I would have kidnapped you from mandap. Guddan says I won’t do it. Agastya gets surprised he says how do you know what I am thinking. Guddan says don’t be surprised. I know you very well. I know how many times your heart beats. You can’t hide your thoughts from me. Agastya says now leave.

Guddan was about to leave but she falls on Agastya. They stare at each other. Guddan tries to get up but again falls.

Shona says to others that everything will happen according to Guddan’s plan.

In haldi ceremony Agastya and Nia sit together. Shona gets angry seeing Nia’s happiness. She says how can Pushpa do this? Arushi says Agastya only looks good with Guddan. Arav says he will regret. Shona says their happiness is transitory. Choti’s plan will work properly.

Guddan comes with the haldi paste and says she will put haldi first. Nia’s parents become doubtful. They say if Birlas ruin everything once again, we won’t spare them. Pushpa stops Guddan from applying haldi on Nia. She says I think you have mixed something in the haldi. Guddan says then at first I will apply this on Agastya. She puts haldi on Agastya. Agastya gets irritated. He says why did you put so much haldi on me? Now I will show you.

Guddan runs and Agastya tries to catch her. Everyone gives weird expressions. Agastya and Guddan go upstairs. Nia’s parents doubt on them. Pushpa says I hope I get what I want.

Episode ends.

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