Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd March 2020 Written Update: Welcome party for Avinash and Ganga

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Avinash is choosing an outfit for today’s party, while Saraswati on the other hand comes to him and says that your outfits are very cheap because we all wear designer attire and it’s quite cheap. Therefore you can’t wears it.

After a while Guddan comes there and says, It doesn’t matter if clothes are expensive or cheap, humans should be good. Because some people wear good quality clothes, but their intentions are dirty. She later gives Avinash a dress and tells him that, it is a gift from AJ.Avinash feels jubilant , as his brother sends him a gift. And later Guddan scolds Saraswati as she never fails to manipulate people.

Guddan tells her that if you do not stop your misdeeds, then later your end will not good. And she went from there. Saraswati is very angry with these things of Guddan. Later she vow that she will destroy Jindal family very soon. While on the other hand other family members preparing for function. And here AJ and Avinash come with same attire. Mrs. Feels satisfied after watching them and hugs them as they they got together after a long time.

Whereas Saraswati thinks that they should embrace each other as much as they want because later I will spoil everything. And here comes two women as they are told by Saraswati to ruin the atmosphere. There, Ganga came with journalist for family reunion because this party is incomplete without journalists.

Later, the two women start their play in which they insults Avinash and Ganga and calls them poor, who do not deserve to join the party of rich people. They tell AJ that, even after wearing good quality clothes still can’t make their personality looks good. After hearing such ugly words about her family she feels very upset and yells at them.

She says, you guys wears such expensive clothes and jwellery but still you guys carry such low and sick mentality. And what you are calling poor and low class, they are actually more educated and
  Brainy. So stop offending. Because if they come on their own, they will sell you and eat you. So it is better for you people to stay within your limits. Later Mrs Jindal asks Guddan to stop, as such people only know to pull people down.

The episode ends with Guddan and AJ asks Saraswati to apologize to Avinash and Ganga as it was her plot against Avinash and Ganga. She later apologizes to them for her misdeeds.