Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Agastya searches for Rashi everywhere the whole night

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pushpa asking Agastya what are you doing here at this time? Agastya says leave about me Mom what are you doing now at this time Mom? Pushpa says I came here to check how preparations are going for my only son’s marriage, we have given all the responsibility to this idiot girl ( Choti Guddan) so cross verifying it , arrangements are done properly or not! How can we believe her when she already committed so many mistakes before, But what are you doing at this time? If you are hiding anything means say me. Agastya thinks if I say about Rashi means she will get angry and scolds Rashi, I don’t want this to happen, Mom I just came here to check whether she is doing anything or not.

Pushpa asks Agastya then how is the arrangement then according to our status or Jindal like middle class? Agastya says I have not checked completely, Mom please you go inside and check whether everything is perfect or not, I will go from here now. Pushpa says ok and checks everything. Choti Guddan asks how is it Pushpa Ji it’s incomplete so I can’t praise it as of now it’s just ok. Choti Guddan says few items not yet delivered and I have ordered a special cut out for tomorrow, everything will be ready by tomorrow morning Pushpa Ji. Pushpa Ji think once this marriage complete I will never enter in this Jindal Bhavan again.

Pushpa asks about cut out and Choti Guddan goes to get cut out there Guddan finds Rashi painting Niya’s face with black paint. Guddan asks Rashi you here at this time? Rashi cries no body loves me there and nobody ready to believe me. Guddan says no everyone loves you You know how much your father is tense because he not found you in your room? Rashi says then let him be tense I will not go there he also not believed me, I only love you and stay with you here only hugs Guddan. Rashi says what happened in Birla house so I painted Niya face with black paint. Guddan thinks before Pushpa Ji comes in search of me I have to set everything and hides Rashi behind the cut out
Pushpa comes to Guddan room to check cut out, Choti Guddan asks Pushpa ji you here? Pushpa says until this marriage complete I can come anywhere and anytime in this house. Pushpa asks why are you taking this much time to show cut out? Guddan says I am just cleaning cut out to show you, Pushpa instruct her to clean properly and warns her to do everything properly it’s your last chance remember it Guddan and goes from there.

Rashi comes out and says don’t worry Chasmish everything will be alright today you handle everything right! Tomorrow also you will do everything perfect. Choti Guddan says what I handled! Can’t you see how nervous I am if I do another mistake Pushpa Ji takes my restaurant and never give back to me and if she comes to know you are here Pushpa takes my restaurant now only. Rashi says I don’t want to trouble you but that evil aunty Niya I don’t like her so. Guddan calls her inform him to get back Rashi to his house.

Rashi feels hungry and choti Guddan offers Pan cake to Rashi and feeds her and says I will call Agastya and asks upto where he reached. Rashi thinks I don’t want go back with dad, I want to stay here and tries to distract Choti Guddan by asking about her parents and asks show her photos of her parents. Guddan says about her parents proudly and I want to become like my parent’s. Rashi thinks I will distract you like this only so you can’t call dad and I will not go from here. Guddan tries to fix everything and fall’s sleep. In morning Choti Guddan calls Agastya and both starts argues with each for what happened.

Agastya says whatever but my girl Rashi is more intelligent than you and any way in few minutes we are coming to your house only till then take care of Rashi. Pusha and family comes to Jindal Bhavan Durga welcomes them by performing Aarti. Pushpa says to Durga to clean foot of Saru Maa by listening this Mani get’s angry but Durga control him, another side Saru Maa thinks it’s just starting Durga Jindal you just wait and watch what I will do.

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