Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th December 2019 written update: Guddan and her bahus Rob the bank

The episode starts with Guddan’s moustache falling down. Everyone identify her as Jindal family bahu. They badmouth about her and her family. Guddan asks them to shut and shivers with the gun. She agrees that she’s Guddan family bahu but she wants money and that’s why she’s here. Vikram is watching the video and is enjoying her misery.

Guddan tries showing herself to be strong when the people looks disgusted at her. Manager says that half of the bank is invested with their money then why’s she robbing money. Guddan says that Jindal sahab never said that they are so rich. She manages them with some stupid answers. Aj and Vikram watches it. Aj struggles seeing it while Vikram is laughing. He leaves out.

Guddan asks everyone to stay there and to chant praises for God and leaves with the manager to the locker room. The manager tries convincing her to not do it. Guddan asks him whether she looks like a thief to him. She asks him to understand that she’s doing it out of her helplessness.

A staff is about to call police when Durga and Lakshmi who are disguised in burqua opens their veil. They threaten the lady to put down the phone. Guddan comes out and gets shocked seeing them. She asks what they are doing there. They say that they can’t let her suffer alone as she’s doing it for everyone.

Everyone gets shocked seeing both the saas and bahus stealing as a gang. They all badmouth them. The trio controls everyone and is about to leave. Vikram comes back and says Aj that guddan has done her part. He says that now it’s time for police. He calls police but before that Aj hits him at the back of his head. He falls down unconscious.

Guddan is about to leave with her bahus when the real robbers enter the bank. They threatens everyone with gun. Aj comes to the back and overhears the driver robber speaking with his boss about everything going successful. He understands that real robbery is taking place.

The people inside the bank points at Guddan and says that they’ve already looted the bank. The real robbers laugh at it and mocks guddan and her bahus. He asks for the money from her but she denies giving. The driver sees Aj but Aj immediately hits him and takes his mask after he faints. He enters the bank at the pretext of drinking water and is about to leave but gets shocked seeing them pointing gun at Giddan

Guddan still denies giving money. Aj pretending as robber asks them not to shoot as police may find them. He says he will get the bag from her. He takes guddan inside the locker room.

Guddan denies giving money. Aj says that he knows that guddan. He removes his mask and Guddan gets extremely happy seeing Aj. She hugs him happily and cries.