Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th February 2020 Written Update: AJ and Antra is not married

Episode starts with.Guddantells  Mr jindal to put mangalsutra on Antra’s neck . Mr jindal is not agreed with that. He said she’s not my wife we are divorced already. We both are doing drama. Guddan said why you was lying to your family. AJ said because i want to hurt you. Mrs jindal slaps AJ for doing this drama and said i will never forgive you for this. And she went.

AJ Said to Guddan even if you know the turthbehind my and Antra’s relationship. But i still hate you. Here, Mrs jindal and laxmi laughing and dancing as AJ and Antra is not married. Durga also came and said to Mr jindal. That am also very happy as they both are not married. And she said sorry to Mr jindal for her rude behaviour towards her.

Here, Guddan recalls AJ’s words. AJ came and said to Guddaneven if you know whole tuth about me and Antra. But you never get back into my life. Guddan said i don’t want to. I just want to redeem your bad addiction. So stop thinking that i want to get back into your life.

AJ said you are the  reason behind my bad addiction. As you already killed my child. Here, Antra is thinking that how can she get back into Jindal family. She saw Laxmi and asks her. Where are you going. She said, why should i need to tell you. You are not my mother-in-law.

Antra threatens Laxmiby calling Laxmi’s husband’s name. But Durga came and said to Antra i warn you. If you harm my family again. I make your life hell. So stay away.

Here, AJ buys liquor bottle for himself. Meanwhile Guddan came and said to AJ. If you want me to leave you . Then you first need to leave this alcohol addiction. Otherwise i won’t leave your home.

She take bottle from AJ hands. AJ pull Guddan towards him. And said give me back my bottle. She said, no way and she runs from AJ. And AJ starts running behind Guddan to catch her. But suddenly a car hits Guddan. (Episode end)