Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th March 2020 Written Update: Saraswati cunning plan

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th March 2020 Written Update on

Today episode start with Saraswati who asks for forgiveness and says from now on i will never done something like this. Then Guddan introduce Avinash and Ganga in front of journalists.

Here Saraswati curse Guddan and vows that now i will plan something big and destroy this Jindal family. While on the other hand AJ pulls Guddan and first he thank her as she always stands for Jindal family. And then duo shares some romantic moments.

AJ praise Guddan’s beauty. But there someone coming towards them , so AJ hide with Guddan in cupboard. Guddan asks him what are you, AJ tells her i didn’t complete my words yet. So it better we hide here so that no one can disturb us. Guddan then feels shy while AJ continues his romance.

Meanwhile Mrs. Jindal Comes to collect her purse which in cupboard. She later wants to open the cupboard but can’t open it so she call Kishor And other members to help her, they later open the cupboard, and seen Guddan and AJ  together.

They start laughing on them. While AJ and Guddan make an excuse for this. Laxmi says, don’t worry, you guys continue, we leave. Guddan and AJ feels embarrassed infront of them.

Further Ganga calls all of them for a competition and tells everyone that in this competition We have to show the acting of Guddan and whoever will  does the best acting of Guddan, he will win. Here Saraswati plot a cunning plan. She makes cardboard with forts so that she can hurt Guddan.

Here on the other hand first Laxmi do Guddan’s acting and every one appreciate her for her acting. Then Mrs. Jindal say some good words about Guddan as Guddan has made AJ  life lively and she thank Guddan for that.

And says I am the biggest and first fan of Guddan because ever since I saw Guddan I became her fan. Because my Guddan is best she helps everyone, she fights for misdeeds and that why i am proud of her.

While Saraswati thinks be happy as much as you want because after a while you will going to cry in pain. She says, Guddan you have no right to insulting me in front of every one. But you did it. So now i will punish you for that. (Episode end)