Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th November 2020 Written Update: Will Guddan able to protect Choti Guddan from Niya evil plan!

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pushpa and Gang fear by Guddan presence in Birla house. Niya oppose them by saying it’s Guddan soul or anything that’s Guddan virtual imaging and Guddan playing smartly with us like we are playing with Choti Guddan, she is also doing everything to fear us and you all are falling her in trap don’t do that. Choti Guddan want to win over us by playing this game ! Saru Maa thinks you people can think it as virtual imaging or anything but I know it’s Guddan Mother In Law only and will escape from here night only.

Saru Maa tries to escape silently from Birla house with out knowing anyone but Guddan comes in front of her and stops from escaping and starts beating Saru Maa with horsewhip left and right, Saru Maa pleads Guddan but Guddan not spare Saru Maa. On the other hand Niya don’t believe in Guddan soul and all, Niya tries to convince Pushpa and Gang by showing blood drops of Guddan and questions them with Soul gets hurts and injuried by showing blood drops but know one ready to believe her.

Niya says ok you all don’t believe me right, that all this is done by Choti Guddan to teach us lesson and won over us , ok let’s wait for tomorrow I will prove you all. Guddan listens everything and says you can’t do anything Niya when I am with Choti Guddan and you are main reason for whatever happening in my Choti I will teach you lesson be ready for attack Niya.

In Guddan morning searches for some proof against the Pushpa to show Agastya in there room, Agastya come there in search of some files , Guddan sees his presence in room and hide in cupboard to escape from him, Agastya leaves from there by taking files but Guddan gets stucked in cupboard as it’s locked from outside. On the other side Niya enter choti Guddan room and says you became so smart right and fearing all of us to death by attacking as your Mom, now we will see you really paralyzed or playing game with all of us.

Niya makes Choti Guddan sit in wheel chair and ties her hand and legs, warns her now we will who will win you or me today this game is going to finish my dear! And this is just starting you will face more just wait and watch.

Niya takes Choti Guddan outside of Birla house in wheel chair by tieing her legs and hands, says now we will see how you will protect your self if you are really paralyzed or if you protect your self your drama will come in front of everyone any way win in win situation for me Choti Guddan and starts smiling evily , today your drama is going to end or you are only going to end and leave the wheel chay into swimming pool.

Here Guddan feels restless by sensing something wrong is happening with Choti Guddan and tries to open the cupboard but fails. On the other side Choti Guddan starts draining in water, Niya sees Choti Guddan to breath I water and smiles evily and tries to capture the moment in phone. Niya laughs at miserable state and starts making fun of Choti Guddan now call Agastya or your Mother Guddan to protect you Choti Guddan.

Guddan some how open the lock of cupboard and rushes to see Choti Guddan room but by seeing Choti Guddan missing from her room and seeing room condition she gets fear for Choti Guddan and searches for her every where but can’t find Choti Guddan any where in Birla house. Guddan prays to lord Krishna please protect my Choti and don’t seperate us again, at the same time Guddan listens some weird noise coming from pool side and rushes to pool side! Here Choti Guddan starts to drain completely in water and tries to unite ropes. Episode end here.

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