Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th October 2020 Written Update: Engagement ceremony of Agastya and Niya starts

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Choti Guddan talking with Portrait of her parents, how many problems may come! I will overcome all the problems and gets back our restaurant it’s my promise Mom and Dad, you trust me right! Durga Jindal comes there and says till now what you did or what you are going do now, not only we your parents also feel proud about you Guddan.

Choti Guddan says true? Aarav says any doubt! Just see how beautifully you decorated the house and Pusha will definitely impress by your decoration Choti.Durga says you have blessings of lord Krishna and love of your parents so you can do everything that too perfect. Choti Guddan thinks Durga Jindal and  Aarav build my confidence but this Agastya is no where seen I hope he comes and takes Rashi from here before Pushpa comes to know that Rashi is not at Birla house.

Pushpa comes to Jindal Bhavan and says we are here! Durga Jindal welcome them by performing there Aarti. Sona praises the decoration done by Choti Guddan, Arushi also praises the decoration done by Choti Guddan. Guddan says DJ and Mani helped me in this decoration. Saru Maa comes to Jindal Bhavan and Pusha says to welcome Saru Maa, choti Guddan perfoms Aarti and welcome Saru Maa.

 Saru Maa thinks how time flies away and reminiscences how she is thrown out of the same house and now how they are welcoming her by performing Aarti. Saru Maa stops entering the house Pushpa comes to her and asks any problem why are not entering the house? Saru Maa you will understand everything slowly Pushpa not only you everyone understands it .

 Saru Maa  asks I hope you prepared my chair? Aarav comes there and says yes of course come with me I will show you your actual place! Durga Jindal says Aarav one minute Myself take Saru Maa to her place. Agastya comes Jindhal Bhavan Choti Guddan performs Aarti. Agastya gives Rashi dress to Choti Guddan and says to get ready Rashi soon. Pushpa comes there and asks what’s happening here? Agastya says this is Rashi dress and I am asking Choti Guddan to help Rashi in getting ready.

Engagement ceremony starts and Pusha asks choti Guddan to bring the plate which is specially decorated for engagement rings. Choti Guddan nodes and goes to bring the plate but she slips Agastya catches her mean time. Mani complaints Sona why Agastya always there to help Choti Guddan before me? Sona taunts Mani you can’t do any work properly.

 Pushpa says be careful Choti Guddan if you are going to commit any mistake your life is going to change totally. Saru Maa laughs by hearing this, Durga says to Saru Maa you are getting laugh right? Be silent and sit in your place  with respect or else if I open my mouth it’s not good for you.

Pushpa asks Agastya and Niya to place there engagement rings in decorated plate and says after doing pooja by Saru Maa to Rings you both can where Rings eachother at auspicious time. Agastya and Niya  places there Rings in the plate and Pusha praises them  by saying they know how to handle the work perfectly and taunts Choti Guddan how one cannot do one work also properly.

 Saru Maa says you are saying correct right Pushpa. Saru Maa my welcome is not yet completed and says to clean her feet and take her blessings. Durga says ok Saru Maa this is Kalyug and in this Kalyug Durga will clean Saraswati feet. Choti Guddan says to Durga you are doing all this because of me right please let me do it by my own.

 Durga says I will do it Choti you just concentrate Pushpa should not find any mistakes in our preparations. Durga cleans Saru Maa feet and Saru Maa says this is just starting Durga just wait and watch. Durga says don’t be so happy Saru Maa if I can clean your feet means I can pull your legs remember it. Durga says everything is okay right, Guddan says till my everything is fine hope it will be good further also. Pushpa goes upstairs to call Pandit Ji choti Guddan sees her and feels tense wether Pushpa see sleeping Rashi in her room. Episode ends on tense face of Choti Guddan.

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