Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th September 2019 Written Update: Guddan fails in her mission of finding the truth!

Today’s episode starts with Guddan thinking to see the video. Revti comes from behind and asks Guddan what she is doing here. Guddan discloses to Revti how she has hidden the camera to reach the masked person. Revti worries. She goes to AJ to stop Guddan from seeing the video else it will not good for her. AJ goes to the room and ask Guddan to return his laptop. Guddan says she will in few minutes. The duo does an argument and later AJ deliberately breaks his laptop.

Guddan yells at AJ for breaking laptop so that she can’t reach to the truth. AJ thinks he is doing for Guddan’s safety. He tries to hide the memory card but Guddan sees the memory card in his hand and says to AJ he can hide the truth but he can’t stop her from finding the truth. There, Revti gets angry on Perv and beats him with a belt. She says to Perv that he forgot why she married her and brought him back to the house. Revti asks Perv to be in limits, as he is only her play card which will help her in destroying Jindal’s.

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Aj calls Revti and tells her that Guddan still has the memory card. Antra cure Perv’s wound. Later, she thinks she is fooling Revti as the real player and plotter she is not Revti. Guddan comes to Revti’s room and asks her to give her laptop to see the video. Revti stands shocked.

Guddan plays the video. Revti tricks Guddan and destroys the memory card. Guddan gets upset. Revti gets happy. Later, Guddan receives a letter that reads, if she wants to know about the masked person than come to meet near the old factory. Guddan stands confused. (Episode Ends).