Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th December 2019 Written Update: Vikrant Kidnapped Guddan and tried to kill her

Episode begins with Guddan is shocked to see Akshat inside the locker room of the Bank and she hugged him and says how come you get so much injured? Did Vikrant do this to you then I will not leave him alive. Akshat asks her what is the need for you to take so much risk of bank robbery just for my sake?

Guddan says I was not left with much options that Vikrant is torturing you and I can’t see you in such a state, hence I did what I feel right at that moment. Akshat I will never let you fight alone until I am alive so now I am here for my Guddan and I will teach this robbers a lesson for touching my Guddan.

Guddan get scared and says there is so much danger and you shouldn’t do anything here but Akshat is not ready to listen to him. They are talking meanwhile the goon enters the locker room with a loaded gun and says all of you actually did a good planning and plotting. Akshat and Guddan get scared to see him with a gun while the goon is having a cunning smile on his face.

Laxmi and Puja are discussing is Guddan fine and can they rescue us and rest of all from this danger? Guddan and AJ comes out from the locker room and the goon says this husband and wife duo are making us fools. He says Aj comes inside in the get up of our men but now no one can save you from us. AJ noticed a bin bucket near his leg and he takes in inside his legs and asks the goon to show his courage and fire the gun.

The guy gets angry and he is about to shoot when AJ flips the bin bucket and took the entire gun from his hand and says from next time don’t even dare to taunt my wife or family, get it? Police reached the bank and captured it from all sides and Guddan and AJ bring out those goons out of the bank. Police captured them but one of the goons escaped from there with the bag but Guddan says let him run as he will stop eventually.

AJ handovers the goons to police and Guddan says the one who escaped doesn’t have the real notes with him as I already did exchange the real notes with fake ones so all of our money are kept safe with me. Police asks his men to chase and trace the man by using location tracking.

AJ says I want to apologise to all of you as Guddan choose a wrong way to save me but at the same time it is she who shows how to convert a wrongdoing into novel work by using your intelligence and presence of mind. He says I love you to Guddana nd clapped for her and all of them clapped for her there and Guddan gets happy.

AJ asks Guddan do you know any magic tricks that you came all the way to the bank to rob it off and then you save the real moneys and also saved the dignity and love of my family. They are talking with each other when inspector calls him for giving statement. Vikrant comes there and kidnapped Guddan from there in front of all.

AJ says I will not leave this Vikrant today and Durga is filing an FIR in the police station. AJ says Vikrant kidnapped Guddan and takes her near the Kali temple area. Vikrant says nothing can hurt Akashat more than your death and Guddan says look back your death is chasing you.

AJ and Vikrant are chasing each other and Revti says I am going to party so you people please see yourself. Alisha takes away dadi with her to the temple area. Guddan pushed Vikrant and goes inside the temple and AJ also reached there. Vikrant says don’t confuse me and tell me in advance who wants to die?