Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th February 2020 Written Update: Guddan meets with an accident

Episode starts with. Doctor checks Guddan, he said to AJ everything is fine. AJ asks Doctor when will Guddan come in her senses. Doctor says it took little time for her to come in her senses. Here, Revati start crying. AJ said to her don’t worry Revati, Guddan will be fine. Revati starts scolding AJ, she says to AJ because of you my sister suffers so much. She warns AJ, if anything happens to my sister i will never forgive you.

Here, Antra came, she wants to slap Revati because of her mis behaviour towards AJ. But AJ stop her and said don’t come in between my matters. And he leaves. After this laxmi, Durga and Mrs jindal console Revati.

Meanwhile, AJ saw liquors bottles, he thought who brought these bottles. Antra came and said, i brought these for you. I  know you’re very upset because of Revati. That’s why, i did this for you. Akshat recalls, that alcohol is the reason behind Guddan’s  accident.And he breaks all the bottels. And he went away from there.

Afterwards, he sits beside Guddan. At the same time,  Guddan  gets into her senses. AJ asks her, are you okay. She said am totally fine, what about your bottel. AJ said. I stop drinking. Guddan feels happy for this. And she said. That’s good. Now i will also leave you soon.

Here, Mrs jindalthinking about Guddan. She asks to god, what doi do now. How will i stop Guddan to leave this house. There, laxmi and Durga came to Mr Jindal. And said, they have a plan.

Afterwards, Laxmi and Durga kidnapped director. Director asks them, why you people kidnapped me. Laxmi tells director, about their plan. And Director agreed with them.

In morning every one ready for shooting. Meanwhile someone came. And tells to director. That main hero will not come today. Director start doing  his drama. In front of everyone. And starts shouting. Here, AJ came and scolds director for being to noisy.

Director said, he i got my new hero. And said AJ is his new hero. Aj said no to him. Meanwhile Guddan said to director AJ don’t even know about acting. Leave him he can’t do anything except scolding. This made AJ angry. And he accept directors offer. (Episode end)