Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th June 2020 Written Update: Villains in AJ and Guddan’s life

Today’s episode start with AJ who is worshiping God and Guddan is watching him through the mobile phone. When he finished the puja, he ask Guddan to take blessing but she denies it and tell AJ that she is upset from lord Krishna. AJ ask her why and Guddan tells him that God has a lot of power but still he is not controlling corona and other crisis like locusts attack and the storm.

AJ asks Gudden to calm down and tells her that our life is based on balance and how we will praise our good days if we don’t have bad days. But Guddan still disagrees and she says that these words only look good in books, not in real life. Then AJ give her an example of Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati that how they did not want to accept Guddan as their mother-in-law but gradually Durga and Laxmi start liking Guddan and accepts her.

Guddan says that it is good that Durga and Laxmi accept me. But Saraswati still has problem with me and has harmed me from time to time by plotting some clever plot against me, perhaps she will never change. While she is talking, she accidentally touched the fork and hurt her arm.

With this she remembers the villains of her life who hurt her like this thorn. AJ tells her that it is true that in our life we faced lots of negative character but they also brought positivity in our life. Guddan ask him, how. AJ tells her as because of them we started getting closer to each other and our bonding gets stronger. Guddan says that is true and no one can separate us now.

Then Guddan ask AJ that in our life there are so many villains so according to you which one is the worse. AJ tells her that It is Dutta as he is the worst man ever and very stupid as well. Guddan also agrees with him. Then duo recall Republic Day bomb incident which is the most scariest thing ever, AJ’s best friend Vikrant who become AJ’ enemy and Antra who is the queen of villains. And after recalling villains of their life now AJ want to have some romantic conversion with Guddan. But Guddan say no to him and wish him Good night and hung up the call. (Episode end)