Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th November 2020 Written Update: Guddan saves her daughter from drowning

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Choti Guddan drowning in the water and her hands are tied up. However the mother Guddan tries to look for Choti and she is looking for her in the entire house. Niya gets happy to see her plan is working perfectly and she says at least we should take a last selfie together as you are going to die soon.

She takes photographs and leaves from the poolside. Guddan is praying for her daughter to be fine when a vase breaks and one of the pieces falls inside the pool water. Choti somehow grabs the piece and tries to cut the rope.

Guddan finally notices her daughter is getting drowned in the pool and she tries to save her and for the same she jumps inside the pool. On the other hand, Niya with a victorious smile informs others about her deeds. She says the Guddan chapter is over from our life and maybe she has died by now too.

 Suddenly one of them screams in fear and Saru and Niya ask her what happened? She says that till now we are being tortured by the senior Guddan soul and now the junior Guddan will join us soon and will torture us further. Niya asks her to shut up as no such ghost thing exists and she asks them to come with her to check if they don’t believe in her words.

Guddan successfully rescued Choti and gets her up from the water and she pumps the extra water from her belly and after sometime Choti opened her eyes and calls her mother and she remembers how she always claimed that her parents are alive and must be somewhere in this world and Guddan showers all her love and affection on her daughter as she is too precious to her.

Guddan hears footsteps of Niya and others and she understands that they are coming towards the poolside area only. Niya comes with the other two and gets shocked to see Choti is out of the water and she wonders how come she got out of it on her own? Choti jerks a bit and Saru says what nonsense you are talking, she is alive.

Niya says but will not be alive anymore because I can not tolerate her face even for a second. She goes and grabs a glass piece in her hand and is about to approach Guddan but Agastya comes there at the same time and he gets shocked to see Guddan in such a state and he rushes to her to check if she is fine?

He gets angry and shouts who did this and grabs Niya and says I know you are the one behind this as only you can stoop this much low. He loses his cool and says my wife is pregnant and if anything happened to my child I will not let you all go easily. Niya changes the topic and says do you want to punish me for making your wife alright. She says she did it purposely as a part of the shock therapy and Guddan is fit and fine now.

Agasthya gets happy to see Choti can move her fingers and legs and she can talk and stand up too. He carries her in his arms and goes away from there. Guddan watches Pushpa and the gang from a distance and vows to make them fight among themselves very soon.

Later Choti asks Agasthya to visit the temple to complete her oath that she has taken long ago and both of them share a romantic moment. Agasthya leaves after asking her to take care and Choti brings her mother Guddan inside the room and locks the door and hugs her in happiness.

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