Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 26th December 2019 Written Update: Vikrant gives a shocking task to AJ to save Guddan

Episode begins with Vikrant says you two will be remembered as the iconic lovers of the world but alas all these will look good only on stories and not in real life. Guddan says at least my love is true and pure not like your love which is based on lies, untrue feelings and wrong assumptions and mindsets

. Vikrant says I used to have a happy family as well but your husband ruined it all for me by killing them off. Guddan says how many times I need to tell you that AJ didn’t kill your wife and kids. Vikrant says you are saying lie, I know AJ did kill them intentionally and it was not accidental. AJ says you know very well if anything happened to Guddan then I will rip you apart. Vikrant says I am the one with a gun in my hand and also your Guddan is also under my control and still you are saying you will kill me?

AJ requests him to leave Guddan as whatever happened is because of him and Guddan has nothing to do with it. Guddan asks AJ to go from there as Vikrant is not going to listen to any of his requests.

Vikrant says my wife Vaishali is not in this world is just because of you and even if I want I can never see talk or have a chat with my wife. From the day I have seen you two together I always feel cheated and enraged to see you both. I decided that I will become the biggest hurdle of your love story. The family members reached the temple and Guddan says why did you all came here and risk your life for our sake?

Vikrant says Guddan has to die today and everyone in the house is ready to die for the sake of Guddan. The entire family is trying to save Guddan when Vikrant gives an alternative to AJ that if you want to save your wife then you have to kill your own daughter Alisha. AJ says you have gone mad completely and assk Vikrant to let Guddan be free from his clutches. Vikrant says I will do a countdown till 10 and if you don’t kill your daughter Alisha then I will kill Guddan.

He is doing a countdown of 10 when Vikrant completes his countdown and is about to shoot Guddan when Antara shot Vikrant from behind. All of them looked shocked and realised not Guddan but Vikrant got killed.

Alisha reunites with her mother Antara and asks are you alive? I have missed you so much and Antara says I have to come back for my princess. She said the entire family a story about how she got saved and survived all these days and months. She says she is in coma while her treatment is going on by herbal processes and she was living in a village.

AJ refuses to believe any of the words of Antara and asks Alisha not to believe in her words and also the other family members blames and berates Antara. Guddan looks confused with the whole processing.